Saturday 4:00pm, 5:45pm
Sunday 8:45am, 10:30am, 12:15pm
10130 Tuscany Ridge Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619

Sunday 8:45am, 10:30am
3058 E. College Ave.
Ruskin, FL 33570

I thought the reason why we moved away from Saturday services is to give more rest – How is this different?
We believe in healthy rest now, more than ever. We have prayed about this move, sought wise counsel and investigated different ways to grow healthier, as we grow larger. In exploring different ways to create rest for our Staff and Volunteers, we have developed a scheduling plan to protect time with their families. Our new commitment to video venues will also honor our Lead Pastor and Executive Team.

Last time we tried video services, I thought they didn’t go well - How is this different?
We did add video services several years ago, as a part of our regular schedule. During this time, we had learned a lot about the “do’s and don’ts”. We have invested a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensure that this avenue goes well. During the last couple of years at our SouthShore Campus, our experience with video services has been a success. There are also several successful and healthy churches that regularly incorporate video venues into their services. We look forward to creating great atmospheres and providing excellent video services for everyone.

I don’t think people like video services, why would we add them?
In the past, video expression was not as common, but it is now a regular part of churches around the country and globe. With the addition of live worship experience, Host Pastors, Prayer Teams and LifeGroup support; Video expression proves to be great way to expand the gospel message and still, offer healthy rest for the Church Staff.

Why not create more campuses, instead of more services?
The Crossing Church has plans for continued healthy growth, through future campus expansions. We believe that we should create more opportunities in Tampa, as we pray about future locations. We prayerfully believe that we will grow healthier, as we grow up and out.

How big is big enough? Can’t we just be who we are?
Being big is not our goal. Our goal is to expand the Kingdom of God and bring more people to Jesus Christ. Bringing more people to Jesus will result in more people coming to church. Getting “bigger” is the natural result of the great commission. In the book of Acts, the church grew daily. Big may not be our goal, but it is the natural result of our goal.

Why not build a bigger building and have fewer services?
In the years ahead, we do want to expand the Tampa Campus. One necessary step for us to accomplish, was to improve “Access”. Our location has been a beautiful and comfortable location, yet we still had difficulty with access. We are now entering a new day! As we have successfully added the new entry, there is greater accessibility to the church. With the new road in place, we can now accommodate more people, than ever before. Going forward, we intend to prayerfully consider the best ways to achieve the Lord’s vision for The Crossing Church.

Why not have more pastors preach and have different pastors at different services?
There are many ways to have multiple services. In the pulpit, there are some churches that have experimented with having multiple teachers and others who do not even appoint a lead pastor. The essence of this question pertains to church polity and even, theology. We believe that a single-visionary leader, working with a plurality of church leaders who submit to Christ as the ultimate head, represents the healthiest form of biblical church government. A primary teacher in the pulpit lends to a unified message and clarity of vision.

How does this affect my children? Will there be services for my children during each time? My Teens?
We have great plans for our Youth and Children during every service time! Here is what you need to know:

CROSSING KIDS (Birth-5th Grade)
All services on Saturday and Sunday

Wednesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday 4:00pm
Sunday 10:30am

Every First Wednesday

Why more changes? Isn’t being consistent better?
While change is not always easy, it is often necessary. If we feel called to take the message of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can, then we need to find more ways to give access to His Word. We have created a new road and a new physical access point, but we need to always be looking for new ways to get the Good News to the people. Healthy things grow and growth means change. Our goal is not to change for change sake, but for healthy growth.