We are excited about launching The Crossing Bible College Pilot Program. We will refer to the Pilot Program as The Crossing Bible College on all of our documentation but this is a Pilot Program to assess the feasibility of launching The Crossing Bible College in the future. In the Pilot program all of your courses are fully accredited and will go toward your degree.  

At the end of completing the first year you will have a certificate in Theology.  We will be accepting only a limited number of students in the first year. After the 40 slots fill up we will not take any more students until the 2017-2018. If a student does not make it into the program their name will be placed on a waiting list and if we have someone drop out then we will contact the next student on the list to get them enrolled.

If you would like to enroll please complete the attached application and submit it along with the application fee of $25 to The Crossing Bible College office (Tampa campus) Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm or by email.

For additional information, please contact The Crossing Bible College at: 813.626.0783 x 168 or email: tcbc@crossingonline.org