Freedom Amidst The Influences of The Sex Industry

All around the world, every boy, girl, man and woman, in one way or another, was or is under the influence of the sex industry.  No matter what your past holds or what level of exposure you are under, there is a way to live life free from the power of this!  Jesus promises in John 8:32, '...the truth will set you free.' 

In this class, you will uncover the many faces of the sex industry in today's culture such as: human sex trafficking, underground operations, strip clubs and pornography; the culprit behind it and the way it affects all of us.  Listen to personal stories from those, who have been victims of this industry.  Learn how to start a new life in freedom, heal from these influences, walk away with greater awareness and be confident in how you can make a difference. 

Class Mentor: Christina Garza