The Arab World in Our Backyard

Tucked away in a corner of Brandon, Florida is a unique church you probably wouldn't think exists in this area.  Every Sunday at 7pm, Jesus' Heart Church, an Arabic church made up of mostly Egyptian believers, meets in one of the buildings at Kings Avenue Baptist Church.  This body of believers joined our prayer covering last year when a team from the Crossing embarked on the church's first trip to Egypt.  Team leader Philip Rivera had the opportunity to preach there in May, and the following Sunday our whole team joined Jesus' Heart church for their worship service.  We got a glimpse of what heaven will look like when all tongues and tribes gather together to worship the Lamb.  Thanks to Pastor Magdy and Jesus' Heart Church for welcoming us and being a part of our prayer covering.  Rabina ibarkum! (God bless you)

As our departure day of July 14 draws near, please continue to pray for:

  • The planning of our ministry activities: that we would balance between preparing/planning and allowing the Spirit to surprise and move when we are in Egypt. 
  • The remaining balance of team members who are still fundraising. Many team members have received unexpected contribution.. praise God! 
  • June 6-July 6 marks an important time of prayer and fasting for Muslims around the world called Ramadan. Join us in praying for Muslims during this spiritually sensitive time. Below is a prayer guide we will be following: 

If you'd like to contribute toward our trip, please go to and designate donation to EGY1607 (our team account).

Join us for a congregational prayer over our trip during 1st Wednesday in July and also a prayer send-off on July 10th at the Life Center.  More details coming!

Laurie Weaver