Have you ever made a bad decision? Do you lie when you know you should tell the truth? Do you refuse to forgive someone that’s hurt you? Do you sometimes not listen to your mom or dad because you think your way is best?

We all make bad decisions sometimes. God calls that sin. But real wisdom, the kind we need in order to avoid bad decisions and their consequences, comes from God. When we learn what HIS word says about how we should live, then we’re challenged to live differently. When we mess up, we can always ask God help us make a different choice next time. His word is the best place to look for answers to help you follow Him. When you don’t know what God says, ask by praying something like this:

"I need help with _____________. God please show me what to do. I trust that you will guide me and show me the way to go."

THANK God for giving you His word so you can make wise decisions and avoid sin.



Have you ever walked into the blinding sun without sunglasses on? Did it take your eyes a few minutes to adjust so you could see the world around you? Sometimes when we read our Bibles, we first need to ask God to open our eyes, ears, and hearts so we can focus what He’s trying to say to us. God wants you to learn something new from His word, but then He wants you to take it one step further by DOING what it says (that’s the "so you can be better at whatever you do" part!).

ASK God to help you focus on what He’s trying to say to you as you read His word.



When you have a problem, who helps you? Your Mom, Dad, maybe an older brother or sister? Did you know that when you have a problem or when you’re trying to make a decision about what to do, you can ALWAYS ask God for help? As you read and memorize the truths in the Bible, God will show you how to make decisions that honor Him.

This verse gives you three steps to help. First Ask. Ask God in prayer. Then seek! Seek and search His word for the truths that help you know how to follow Him. And finally knock. When you knock on someone’s door, you wait with confidence for it to be opened. When you knock and wait for God to help you, He will answer and show you where to go and what to do!

To help you remember this important verse, draw a stoplight and fill in the colors.

Color the top circle RED and write: "ASK/Stop"

Color the center circle YELLOW and write: "SEEK/Slow Down"

Color the bottom circle GREEN and write: "KNOCK/Follow God"

LEARN to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK so that you can follow God.



We’ve been talking ALL month long about knowledge—learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do. Reading your Bible is the BEST place to look for knowledge because God knows everything about everything. And He is ready to help you as you read His word.

Did you catch the end of this verse? If you don’t ask, you won’t be able to find out what God’s answer is! In other words, you might MISS it! When you aren’t sure what God says, when you need help, ASK! Don’t miss what He’s trying to tell you.

Memory Verse Challenge: Grab a ball and your mom or dad or a friend. Bounce the ball back and forth as you say the words of this verse together. Repeat until you can recite it from memory.

KNOW that God will answer and tell you things you don’t know if you choose to ASK!





Before Jesus started His "official" ministry on earth, he headed out to the wilderness to face 40 days of testing. This was WAY crazier than any episode of "Man vs. Wild" or "American Ninja Warrior." Jesus faced the devil himself. Every time the devil tried to tempt Him to do the WRONG thing, Jesus answered him with a verse from God’s word so that He could keep doing the right thing! Jesus knew that discovering what God says helps you make the wise choice.

Can you imagine not eating ANYTHING for 40 days? That’s what Jesus did in the wilderness! Tonight at dinner, set a timer for ten minutes. You cannot pick up your fork or take a bite until time is up. While everyone else is eating, use that time to LEARN something about someone in your family. Ten minutes is WAY shorter than 40 days. Can you do it?

THANK God for His word that helps you make the wise choice.



Do you normally brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Probably. Do you know why? Because you don’t want your teeth to fall out, right? Your dentist has told you to brush your teeth twice a day and since he knows all about teeth, you listen to his advice to keep them healthy.

Well, God knows all about making wise choices. And if you want to live the life God has for you, you have to read His word. That’s why we have a challenge for you. Choose any verse from this week and read it in the morning and in the evening on the same day. To help you complete this challenge, put your Bible near your toothbrush and read it as you brush your teeth in the morning and at night before bedtime.

ASK God to help you READ His word and APPLY it by making wise choices this week.



Learning new things can be fun! Think about the first time you read a chapter book cover to cover. What about the first time you tied your shoes or completed a jigsaw puzzle without help? Guess what? Learning new things isn’t just a kid thing. Adults learn new things to help them grow and get better at whatever they do, too. Learning is a process that never ends.

God made you. He gave you special gifts that He wants you to use to make a difference in the world around you. One of the best ways for you to discover how to do that is by reading your Bible and following what it says! Discovering God’s word will help you live a life that’s pleasing to God.

Today’s verse is this week’s memory verse challenge! Write the words of the verse on cards and put them in a line on the floor or on the stairs if you have them. Hop (or jump) on each word as you say the verse. Repeat the verse in this way until you can say it without looking at the cards.

LISTEN to God’s word to help you grow in knowledge and wisdom.



In this letter to the church in Ephesus, Paul was writing to encourage the new believers there. He prayed that those followers would know God better and better. Paul prayed that they would ask God for direction instead of trying to make decisions on their own. Isn’t it cool that we can read the words Paul wrote so long ago and be encouraged to follow God, too?

God doesn’t just want you to do the right thing. He wants you to do the WISE thing. And wisdom, the ability to see all the choices ahead of you and make the best one, comes from GOD. The Bible is like this big gift straight from God to show you the best decisions.

Think about a situation you’re facing right now where you need some wisdom. As you read your Bible this week, ask God to show you what the wise choice is.

KNOW that all wisdom comes from God and He will give it to you as you learn His word.




READ JOHN 1:32-33

When John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River, he didn’t know what was about to happen. It’s not like God gave John an outline detailing all the things that Jesus would say and do. But that didn’t matter. Read verse 34 again. John still knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah. John recognized that Jesus was the One God sent to save the world from sin and fix our separation from Him forever. And reading passages like this can help us recognize and follow Jesus, too. Because discovering what God’s word says helps us follow Jesus.

Have you ever seen anyone get baptized? What happened? Do you know why baptism is important? If you’re unsure, ask your mom, dad or another trusted adult like your small group leader about what baptism means.

THANK God for giving us His word so we can follow Jesus.



Do you know what the word "opposite" means? Connect the word to its opposite below.

You really know your opposites! According to God’s word, the opposite of wise is foolish. Foolish people refuse to learn new things. Think about how silly that would be. If you refused to learn new things you wouldn’t know how to: tie your own shoes, tell time, ride a bike, swim without floaties, sink a free throw, or read a book!

God wants you to have wisdom and He’s given you His word to know exactly how to do that! He hasn’t left you to figure it out on your own. As you learn new things, God will continue to help you grow your knowledge of Him.

ASK God to help you be wise instead of foolish!


READ PSALM 119:105

What if your Mom made cupcakes for your birthday, but instead of using a cookbook, she threw random ingredients into a bowl? What if your dad planned a super cool vacation, but refused to use GPS and tried to find the destination on his own? Cookbooks and GPS give us instructions to follow so we can eat yummy treats and take super awesome vacations. But you have to read and follow those instructions.

The Bible gives us instructions on how to make the wise choice, how to treat others the way you want to treated and how to trust God no matter what. The Bible is like a light that shows you where to go and what to do in life. Without it, you would be lost.

For this week’s memory verse challenge, write the words of the verse on cards and tape them to a lamp. Say the verse out loud. Then remove two cards and repeat the verse. Continue to remove two cards at a time and repeat the verse until you can say it from memory.

LOOK to God’s word to light your way so you can follow God.



Have you ever watched a squirrel at the park or in your own backyard? Have you ever seen a squirrel burying acorns in the fall? Squirrels store up food so that when the cold weather comes, they’ll still have plenty to eat through the long winter months.

You can store up knowledge just like a squirrel stores up acorns. When you learn something new, you add to it to the things you already know. For example, you probably learned the "ABC" song in preschool. Then, how to identify each letter and the sound it makes. Then you learned to combine those sounds to read a word and then string those words into a sentence so that you could read an entire story.

Learning God’s word works in the same way. As you learn one thing about following God, you add that to the things you already know about Him. You are storing up knowledge so that you can live the kind of life that pleases God and helps others to know God, too.

KNOW that every time you read your Bible, you store up knowledge to help you know God better.





READ LUKE 2:46-47

Answer the following questions from today’s Bible verses:

Where Jesus’ parents find Him? _______________________________________________

What was he doing when they found Him? ______________________________________

Why were the teachers amazed at Jesus? _______________________________________

Have you ever gotten separated from your family in a busy public place? That’s what happened to Jesus— except for three whole days! But instead of panicking, what did Jesus do? He went to the temple, listened to the teachers and asked questions about God. Jesus listened and shared His own thoughts, too. And those who heard Him were amazed.

Jesus gave us a pretty good example of how we should approach learning something new. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to offer your own thoughts and ideas. Because you can’t become better at whatever you do without learning something new first. And learning happens when you’re willing to listen, question, and make your own decisions.

THANK God for giving you this example from Jesus’ childhood to help you learn and grow.


READ JOB 23:12

Grab a piece of paper and draw a large circle to represent a plate in the center. On the plate, draw your favorite meal.

Food is like fuel for our bodies. It’s helps us grow and gives us energy to do the things we want and need to do each day. When your body is hungry, it sends signals (like a growling tummy) to let you know it needs more fuel.

God wants us to hunger for His word even more than we hunger for food. His word, the Bible, should be more important to us than our daily bread. In fact, we should care more about following God’s word than we care about what’s on our plate for dinner! Because what God says is the MOST important thing to know.

ASK God to help you hunger for His word even MORE than your favorite food.



Set a timer for one minute and complete the following strength challenges:

• Run up and down the stairs or around your house as many times as you can.

•Then, lean up against a wall like you’re sitting in a chair.

• See how many push ups/sit ups you can do.

Are you tired? Those physical challenges required strength didn’t they? Did you ever want to quit or take a break?

Did you know that the Bible can give you strength, too? The Bible is your guide. It shows you how to know and follow God. It tells you about Jesus and what He has done so that you can have a relationship with God. And it encourages you to keep following God even when it seems like you’re the only one making the wise choice. As you study the Bible and learn new things, God’s word can strengthen you to live the way He’s called you to live.

LEARN what God has to say in His Word so your faith can be strengthened.



The Bible isn’t just a human book written by men. It’s not just another book full of made up stories. The Bible is "God breathed." That means He directed it’s writing and has preserved it to be passed from generation to generation. Reading your Bible and applying it to your life will help you know God and live the life He has for you. Because what God says is the most important thing to know.

Today’s verse is your memory verse challenge for the week. Music is a great way to learn something new. Sing the words of this verse to the tune of the "A,B,C Song" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to help you memorize it!

KNOW that God will help you follow Him as you learn from His word.







You learn new things everyday and those new things make you better at math, writing, basketball or just being a good friend. But there is ONE source of knowledge that is sure to make you better at life. Do you know what it is? The BIBLE! The Bible is God’s word to you. It’s the BEST way to know how to follow God. He wants you to read His Word and hide it in your heart by memorizing what it says. That way, when you face a difficult situation and don’t have a Bible right in front of you, you can remember God’s promises because you know them by heart.

Do you know any verses "by heart?" This month, we have a memory verse challenge for you. Each week, we’ll highlight ONE verse to memorize and give you an activity to help you learn it. By the end of the month, you should know FIVE new verses by heart that will help you everyday! Are you up for the challenge? Here’s a hint: your first challenge starts tomorrow!

THANK God for giving you His word so you can KNOW Him.



Did you know that there is Someone who knows EVERYTHING? In fact, He knows more than Google or Siri combined. God has the answer to any question about any subject you could imagine. And the Maker of heaven and earth, the smartest most knowledgeable One ever wants you to know HIM. He sent His son Jesus so you could have a relationship with Him forever. Discovering what God says helps you know Jesus!

So are you ready for your first memory verse challenge? Grab a piece of paper and tear it into twelve smaller pieces. On each piece, write a word from the verse above (including "Proverbs 2:6" on the last piece). Lay out the words in order and repeat the verse out loud. Then, one at a time, grab one word, wad it up and throw it away. Say the verse. Repeat the process until you have one word left. Can you repeat the verse from memory?

ASK God to give you the knowledge and wisdom you need to follow Him.



What is your most valuable possession? Why? How do you make sure to protect that possession? God’s word is more precious and more valuable than your iPad or brand new bike or American girl doll. God’s word is more precious than silver or gold. The Bible teaches us how to follow God and know who Jesus is. It shows us how we can have a relationship with God. As you read your Bible, remember that it is like a special gift straight from God to you.

LOOK for ways to treat God’s word like it’s your most valuable possession.


READ JOHN 3:10-15

In this passage Jesus is talking to Nicodemus. He was a leader and teacher who knew the Old Testament backwards and forwards! But even with ALL of that knowledge, Nicodemus still questioned if Jesus was the promised Savior. He was so smart, but he still couldn’t recognize who Jesus was!

You might be the smartest kid in your class. You could read thousands of books and make perfect grades. You could even have half of your Bible memorized! But knowing what God’s word says isn’t enough. God wants you to know Jesus!

Are you like Nicodemus? Do you know a lot EXCEPT the most important thing? Discovering what God says is important, but it should lead somewhere. It should lead you to person, Jesus, and a relationship with Him.

Draw a picture of Nicodemus meeting Jesus at night. Write the words from John 3:10 somewhere on your picture.

KNOW that God loves you and sent Jesus so that you could know Him.