JOY - DECEMBER 3rd/4th



It’s easy to be happy when everything is great—when life is good and things are going the way we want. But what about when things don’t go your way? No matter what happens, you can have joy because God sent the best gift ever: His one and only Son, Jesus! That’s what Christmas is all about.

Philippians 4:4 is a great verse to remember and say to yourself when things don’t go your way. With an adult’s permission, grab a stocking from the mantel or a sock from your drawer and ten index cards (or a piece of paper cut into 10 smaller pieces). Write one word of the verse on each card and stuff them in your stocking. Set a timer and see how quickly you can put them in the correct order. BUT there’s a BIG catch. You can only pull cards out of the stocking ONE at a time. Work until you have all the words in order. Then repeat to see if you can beat your time.

THANK God for sending His son Jesus so you can have JOY!



Use today’s verse to unscramble the words below:

Who did Isaiah promise would be born? _________________
                                                                                S U J E S

He would be called . . .

Mighty __________ Wonderful ____________ Father Who Lives ___________
                   D G O                        DV I A R S E                                 R F O V E R E

Prince who brings ________________
                                         E P A C E

This week, we learned that we can have joy because God keeps His promises. No matter what—when things are going well and when nothing is working out the way you want—you are never forgotten by God. He remembers you and He keeps His promises. Thousands of years ago, God made a promise to send a Savior to rescue us. And years later, He kept that promise by sending Jesus! We celebrate this promise every year at Christmas time. God sent His one and only Son to be our Savior. What an awesome gift!

ASK God to help you find joy because He keeps His promises.



Did you catch that? God will keep His covenant for all time. A covenant is a promise. And you know a promise simply means you will do what you say. It’s not that easy for us, is it? Like when you promised your little brother you’d play with him and then you didn’t. Or when you promised to clean your room, but you quickly found other things to do. We make promises ALL the time but we’re not always great at keeping them.

That’s not how God works. When God makes a promise, He ALWAYS keeps it. For all time. He is perfect. His love is perfect. He never makes mistakes. So when you read one of God’s promises in the Bible, you can know for sure He will keep it. That’s a big reason why you can always have joy!

Name a promise of God. If you can’t think of one, ask someone who knows and loves God to help you find some of God’s promises in the Bible. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How does knowing, for sure, that God will keep this promise make you feel? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LISTEN to God’s promises and believe that He will keep them. Always.


READ PSALM 105:7-8

Who is God? He is our creator, our heavenly Father and our place of safety. He loves us more than we can imagine. And He sent Jesus on that first Christmas to rescue us, to bring us closer to Him—because He loves us. Through the prophet Isaiah, God promised to send His Son. And He kept that promise by sending Jesus for the whole world, for you and for me, for all time to come! He ALWAYS keeps His promises. He never makes excuses or "forgets" to follow through. Remember, you can have joy because God keeps His promises.

This verse is missing all its consonants! Look up the verse and fill in the blanks.

"___e i___ ___ ___e ___o___ ___ ou___ ___o___. ___e ___u__ ___e___ ___ ___e ___ ___o___e ea___ ___ ___. ___ e ___i___ ___ ___ee___ ___i___ ___o___e___a___ ___ ___o___e___e___. ___e ___i___ ___ ___ee___ ___i___ ___ ___o___i___e ___o___ a___ ___ ___i___e ___o ___o___e." ___ ___a ___ ___ 105:7-8

KNOW that when God makes a promise, He WILL keep it! God would.



Kim Gore