FAITH - JUNE 11th/12th



When we mess up, what the Bible calls "sin," it separates us from God because He is perfect. There is no way we can fix that separation. But Jesus can. Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for our sin. Talk about the best gift ever!

Have you accepted that gift? It doesn’t matter how many times you hear the story of Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you go to church every Sunday or read your Bible everyday. While those are all good things, the only way you can accept God’s gift of eternal life is to believe, by faith, in what Jesus did for you. Admit you’ve done things that are wrong. Believe Jesus died for you and tell Him that. Ask Him to rescue or save you from your sin. Then you can accept the gift of eternal life with God forever.

Find a small box and wrap it with wrapping or construction paper. Place this gift-wrapped box somewhere in your room where you will see it everyday. As you look at this gift during the week, think about accepting the gift of salvation that Jesus offers you.

If you have questions about accepting Jesus’ gift, talk with an adult you trust about it this week.

THANK God for sending Jesus as your Savior.


READ ACTS 9:17-18

Paul thought he knew who Jesus was: a fraud, a fake, and certainly not the one and only Son of God. But that was all about to change. Paul learned the truth about Jesus on that road to Damascus.

When Ananias was asked to visit Paul, he was scared. He’d heard about the arrests. He knew he might be in danger. But he went anyway. Ananias placed his hands on Paul’s eyes and for the first time, Paul could see clearly. Not just physically see with his eyes, but he could see who Jesus really was with his heart. The story of Jesus certainly changed how Paul saw him. And it can change the way we see him too.

Find a pair of sunglasses. Hold them up close to your mouth and say "ha" to fog up the lenses. Put the glasses on and try to complete a simple task like walking to the next room or writing your name on a piece of paper. It’s easier to see as the lenses clear up, isn’t it?

ASK God to help you see who Jesus really is.



What does "crucified with Christ" mean? Though it might sound strange, it’s actually a really good thing. When Jesus was crucified, He took the punishment for your sin. And when you trust Jesus as your Savior, you accept that gift and you belong to Him. There is nothing you can ever do that could separate you from Him. When He died, He died for you. It was as if you had faced that awful punishment yourself. And when you believe in Him through faith, He leads you every day.

Below you will see today’s verse without the vowels. Finish the verse by adding them back in. (a, e, i, o, u, y) Ask a grown up to help you find the verse in a Bible if you need help.

"___ h__ v__ b__ __ n cr__c__f__ __ d w__ th Chr__st. __ d__n’t l__v__ __n__ l__ ng__r, b__t Chr__st l__v__s __n m__. N__w __ l__v__ m__ l__f__ __n m__ b__dy b__ f__ __th __n th__ S__n __f G__d. H__ l__v__d m__ __nd g__v__ h__ms__lf f__r m__."

G __ l __ t __ __ ns 2:20, NIrV

LOOK for opportunities to allow Jesus to lead you this week as you follow Him.



Do you ever wonder what God wants you to do? This verse makes it pretty clear. He wants you to BELIEVE in Jesus. God wants you to trust Jesus as your Savior, knowing that He paid the price for your sin and made a way for you to have a relationship with Him, forever. The "work" God’s given is to simply put your faith in Jesus. Because the story of Jesus changes how I see Him.

Starting at the bottom right hand corner and reading backwards from the table, then forward on the next line and so on copy this verse (from the NIrV version of the Bible) onto the lines below it. Look up the verse if you need help.

:29        6        N        H        O        J        ".T        N        E        S        S

N           T       H         E        O        N        E          H        E        H      A

I            E       V         E         I         L         E          B        O       T         S

E          D       "G       O        D        ‘S        W        O        R       K         I

R          E       W        S        N         A        S          U        S        E        J


KNOW that God has one simple job for you: to believe in Jesus!


Kim Gore