Read Deuteronomy 31:6

Do you ever feel like you’re just not quite ready for something? Maybe you’re afraid to stand in front of the class to give a book report, or to compete in your first swim meet. Maybe you’re afraid to show someone the short story or poem you’re writing.

Having courage to try something when you don’t feel ready is totally normal! But you do have someone on your side. God will help you just like he helped Moses. You can be brave and show courage because God has made you a promise that He will be with you.

Unscramble the words below to remind you what God says to do and not to do when it comes to courage.

Be __________________                             Don’t be _____________________
         R G N T S O                                                                  F R A I D A

Be __________________                             Don’t be _____________________
        V E A R B                                                                      R R E F I E I D T

Thank God for the promise that He is always with you.


Read Exodus 6:10-12 DAY 2

God told Moses to go to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to “let his people go.” That would be like God asking you to stand in front of the President of the United States and tell him exactly how to run the country. You would make excuses just like Moses did. “But I’m just a kid,” you’d say. “Why would the president listen to me?” you’d plead.

God heard all of Moses’ excuses and He still wanted Moses to go. Because God had chosen Moses and that choice wasn’t a mistake. God was going to use Moses to do some pretty amazing things, even if Moses didn’t feel ready.

And guess what? You’re no different from Moses. You can show courage just like he did. You can do BIG things for God if you choose to listen and obey His plan for you. You can stand up and do the right thing, right now, even if you don’t feel ready.

This week, repeat this phrase when you’re afraid to show courage: “I’m like Moses. I can do big things for God.”

ASK God to help you show courage even though you have fears and worries.


Read 1 Chronicles 22:5, 13

Can you name some things you can’t do right now because of your age? Write them in a space below. We’ve given you a couple of ideas to help you get started.

                                                       Thing you can’t do … yet !!

Babysit on your own
Drive a car

You might not be able to drive a car or get a job, there are still LOTS of things you CAN do. Completing the temple was a BIG job. And though he was young, God had confi dence that Solomon could do it. God didn’t say, “Okay, Solomon, you can fi nish this once you turn 18, or after you graduate college or once you can drive.” God used Solomon while he was still young. And just like Solomon, you can show courage to do big things for God right now even if you don’t feel ready.

LOOK for opportunities to show courage RIGHT now.


Read Joshua 10:25a

When it comes to showing courage, sometimes you just need a little reminder that you’re not alone. When you’re facing a situation and you’re scared, when you aren’t sure how things will work out, you can remember this verse. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose hope. Be strong and brave.

God is in control and He is on your side. Even if the situation doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Even if you did the right thing and someone else still made fun of you, don’t give up. Because choosing to have courage and do the right thing is always the best choice.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose hope. Be strong and brave. To help you remember these truths, create a song or rap with the words from this verse. Then be brave enough to perform your song/rap for your family to help them learn it too!

KNOW that God will help you show courage, even when you don’t feel ready.






Kim Gore