Read Romans 12:10

This month, we’re talking about honor. Honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. You can show others honor by the way you treat them. Not just your friends, but also every person you meet. Everyone is created by God and is special to Him. So it’s important for us to treat others with honor, too.

Our verse for this month is a great one to memorize. Grab a friend or sibling and a ball. Toss the ball back and forth as you say the words of this verse, BUT let the other person go first—every time. Repeat until you can say the verse from memory!

Thank God for the opportunity to honor others more than yourself.


Read Romans 15:7

When it comes to showing honor, it’s important to remember what Jesus has done for you. When He chose to die on the cross, He paid for YOUR sins, not His own. Jesus never messed up. He lived a perfect life. And His death on the cross was for everyone. By choosing to face the cross, it was like Jesus was saying, "I love you. You’re worth it. You don’t need to change one single thing to earn my love. I accept you as you are."

Since Jesus did this for you, how do you think He would want you to treat the people around you? Would He expect you to honor and accept others for who they are too? Absolutely! And when you treat others this way, you are honoring your heavenly Father. Pretty cool, right?

Complete today’s verse below by filling in the missing words.

"___________ has___________ you. So accept _________ _________ in order

to bring ______________ to ______________." Romans 15:7

Ask Jesus to help you accept others and show honor just as He’s accepted you.


Read 1 Samuel 16:7

Have you ever heard the phrase, "don’t judge a book by its cover?" Write down what you think this phrase means below:

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________.

Samuel did this once. God told Him to find the next king. So he went to a man named Jesse who had lots of sons. One after the other lined up before Samuel. Samuel thought surely God would choose the strongest or the most handsome son. But He didn’t. God chose David—the youngest of Jesse’s sons. God wasn’t looking at the outside. He cared about the inside. He sees what’s in your heart. And that’s why you should honor others and give them a chance. Don’t judge them on the outside and decide they aren’t worthy of your time. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

Look out for what’s on the inside and be careful not to judge a person based on their appearance.


Read Luke 18:10-14

Read today’s verses and answer the following questions:

Who are the two people in this story? _______________________________________________________________

What were they doing? _______________________________________________________________

What did the Pharisee pray? _______________________________________________________________

What did the tax collector pray? _______________________________________________________________

Whose prayer was accepted by God?_______________________________________________________________

Sometimes, we only show honor to the people we believe deserve it. But real honor starts with recognizing how we also mess up and asking God to forgive us. We honor others when we treat them the way God treats us, by accepting them for who they are and choosing to put them first, no matter what.

Know that God wants us to approach Him like this tax collector and to treat others with honor as God would.


Kim Gore