WEEKLY Childcare for Fasting Class


WEEKLY Childcare for Fasting Class

from 5.00

WEEKLY Childcare registration has been opened for you to register your children for childcare, so that you can attend the Fasting Class.

Please remember the following Childcare Policies:

  • We may allow two grace periods. If you fail to register for Childcare we may accept your child/children up to two times. **Please NOTE - If you fail to register your children for childcare, there may not be available space on the night of class (due to worker/child ratio requirements).
  • If you register and for any reason cannot make the class please notify Anita Taylor at (610) 400-7529 that your child will not be attending so that we can bring in the appropriate amount of workers.
  • Please do not bring sick children because we cannot risk getting the other children sick. (i.e. runny nose, fever, coughing etc.)
  • Registration opens for the following week the day of class. Registration closes 48 hours before the class. (i.e. Class on Tuesday registration closes on Saturday night. And reopens for the following week on Tuesday)

 Please be mindful of our policies as they are put in place for the safety of our workers as well as your children.

Per Child:
WEEKLY Childcare Registration