Careful of the Knot Hole

The enticement of sin is a form of slavery.

The Apostle Paul talks about an inward battle in Romans 7.  What am I going to do? I don’t understand what happens to me. Sometimes, the good things that I want to do (positive life giving things, that I have every intention to do) I don’t do, but the negative things (things that create negative repercussions) - the things I don’t want to do, often the things I want to stay away from, those are the very things I end up doing!  Does this sound like a struggle that you have ever gone through?

What Paul is describing is the nature of sin which is like a knot hole in the fence enticing us to wonder what is on the other side.  We peek through and hope to see what we are missing, but we just get poked in the eye.  We get used to having black eyes and bruised faces to get what we think we want. We might even decide to take some pain medication to help us cope with our pain.  Sin entices us back to the same place with false hope that only gives bad results. Read the rest of Romans 7-8 and discover how we are delivered from this daily battle.  Spoiler alert – you can’t do it yourself.