Fast Day 15 - Renewal


On your fifteenth day of fasting, remember:

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Be sure to listen to God as you pray.
  • You become mentally aware of the Lord's presence all around you.

Thoughts for your journal:   

  • Reflect on how worship and obedience have provided you with the opportunity for God to reveal Himself and His purposes to you, His special servant. 
  • Write down the details that were a concern in the beginning of the fast that no longer seem of great concern. 

Prayer Focus Day 15: Revealing Giftings (Personal and Spiritual)

When you read Paul's letters, you see that he kept around him people of different backgrounds and people with different gifts. In other words, he had some people who were gifted in hospitality. He has some people whose main contribution was prayer. No matter what the gift is, it must be opened. It is to bless you and others around you. God has given you unique and special divine enablements; gifts, as it were. Are you using them to glorify Him and advance His kingdom? Today, ask God to show you what your giftings - both personal and spiritual - may be. 

Crossing Church