Fast Day 17 - Nothing Is Impossible With God


On your seventeenth day of fasting, remember:

  • Listen to worship music for inspiration and support.
  • Reflect on your fast and how it is helping you grow spiritually. 
  • Cravings are apparent.

Thoughts for your journal:

  • Reflect on those situations from God's Word that seemed impossible but for the power of God. 
  • What situations in your life seem impossible and need God's touch?

Prayer Focus Day 17: Mentors and Discipleship

'As they were going along the road, someone said to Him, 'I will follow You wherever You go'" (Luke 9:57, NASU). It is one thing to say you will follow Jesus; it is another to see it through, even when the road is narrow, steep, and nearly impossible. We all need fathers and mothers in the faith who have walked the road with Jesus and can gently help us along at times. These mentors are invaluable when they are of the Lord. Pray today that God will bring right relationships into your life...fathers and mothers in the faith who can strengthen you and build you up.

Crossing Church