Fast Day 6 - God Delights in Renewal


On your sixth day of fasting, remember: 

  • Concentrate on prolonged times of meditation and listening. 
  • Your senses (smell, touch, hearing) will begin to heighten.
  • Weight loss and detoxification continue. 

Thoughts for your journal:

  • How is experiencing fasting as a private disciple bringing you closer to God?
  • Has God revealed anything to you since your fast began?

Prayer Focus Day 6: Breaking Addictions

You cannot enjoy the fullness of life in Christ when you are still a slave, bound by addictions. Sexual and chemical addictions like alcohol and drugs, nicotine, overeating, antidepressants, insomnia, and so on can be broken through the discipline of fasting. If there are addictions in your life list them in your journal and ask God to give you grace during this fast to walk away free from those chains! Perhaps there is a family member or loved one suffering with addiction. Write down his or her name to target for prayer during this time. 

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