Fast Day 8 - Walk with God


On your eighth day of fasting, remember:

  • Pray and stay in God's Word.
  • You begin to discover what is known as the "sweet spot" - a place you hit that will be as though you slipped through the veil and walked right into the holy of holies. 

Thoughts for your journal:

  • Reflect on how there is great power and supernatural blessing that await you as you forsake all flesh for the chance to know the Savior and to hear His voice. 

Prayer Focus Day 8: Marriage

Marriage doesn't take two people; it takes three. You cannot have a good marriage if God is not in the center of it. And that applies to those who are single as well. Your courting days should be centered on Christ and purity, establishing a firm foundation for the future. Today, if you are married, cover your spouse and your marriage with prayer. Pray for others in your family and circle of friends who are married. Marriage is under attack by the enemy in this country! If you are single, pray that God will bring you His utmost choice for your life, and commit to settle for nothing less. 

Crossing Church