Fast Day 9 - Is He Speaking to You?


On your ninth day of fasting, remember:

  • Maintain your journal.
  • Continue to meditate and listen.
  • Mints will keep your breath fresh.

Thoughts for your journal:

  • Reflect on the battle that ensues between the carnal man and the spirit. 
  • How has God's presence become more clear through this experience?

Prayer Focus Day 9: Family

No matter where I go, I never go by myself. What I mean is, I carry with me part of the past generation and the future generations. I often teach, "Every deed has a seed." In other words, the deeds you choose to do in this lifetime create a seed for future generations. That businessman who takes a trip and watches pornography in secret in his hotel room is not just affecting himself, but he is also sowing seeds for generations to come. Similarly, if that same businessman chooses instead to worship God in the privacy of his hotel room, seeds of worship and faith are being sown into the future generations. Wherever you go, every deed is producing seed. You're either sowing iniquity for the next generation, or you're sowing equity, spiritually and righteously, for the next generation. Today, pray for those in your family and those yet to come. Break generational curses and establish blessings. Lay a foundation for the next generation. (See Isaiah 58.)

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