Welcome back to week number 2 freedom online. I hope you remembered to complete the going deeper questions this week. 

Today we will be talking about forgiveness. This is a significant key to your freedom and healing in the Lord, but yet one of the hardest things to do.  I encourage you to find a quiet place to go through this session, and take some time over the course of this week to allow the Lord to take you deeper.

Once you have completed the course, please take the quiz below and we will send you the link for week 3.

So grateful that you have signed up for freedom classes online. There are four classes in total, each week you will receive the next class. To get the most out of this online experience I encourage you to find a quiet space where you can watch these classes free from interruption and distraction.

Attached below is the PDF version of the freedom workbook that you can use to follow along with the class or simply pull out a notepaper and pen.

I pray that you will hear God’s voice during this time, and you receive freedom and healing in your life.