Campus:    Tampa

Date:           Offered Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

Times:         7 – 9 pm Friday night and 9 am- 3 pm Saturday

Cost:           $30.00 per couple

Prerequisites:    None

Description:     Make sure you and your partner understand the role God plays in your marriage. Establish a foundation for an enduring union. This 2 day course will provide practical tools to help you maintain a strong successful marriage. (This class meets the requirements of Hillsborough County)

Our Equip classes have 2 seasons, one starts in February and the other in September.  Check our website the month before to see which classes are being offered at each campus.

Marriage 911 - Marriage in Crisis

12 week course

Cost:        $20.00 per person (book fee)

Prerequisites:    None

Description:     Is your marriage in crisis? Marriage 911 is the first response for you.  Even if only one of you wants to reconcile, this class can help you learn healthy and productive ways to deal with your difficult circumstances. Learn to focus your energy into areas that can first help you remain/become healthy and whole in the midst of a crisis and may become the foundational keys to turning around a troubled marriage.


Marriage On The Mend

Date:       12 week course 

Cost:       $25.00 (book fee)

Prerequisites:    None

Description:     Couples who choose to reconcile after repeated marital conflicts, separation, or even divorce face a unique set of challenges. Roadblocks such as unresolved arguments, betrayed trust, and stunted intimacy often hinder true healing while temptations to toss in the towel repeatedly re-surface. Instead of calling it quits, Marriage on the Mend equips readers with innovative and tangible tools to help restore relationships.


Intimate Encounters

12 week course

Cost:      $40.00 per couple (book fee)

Prerequisities: None

Description:    Time-tested and honored marriage building resource from Dr David and Teresa Ferguson. A practical guide to discovering the secrets of a really good marriage. This resource offers something for every marriage relationship. Practical help to make good marriages better, and hope and healing fro troubled relationships. Whether you want to prepare for getting married, improve a good marriage, or rebuild a troubled marriage/relationship, Intimate Encounters gives you the tools you need to find the closeness you desire.


Prepare and Enrich

Not a Class, call or email for more information (gcoronado@crossingonline.org)

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your marriage or overcome a problem or two? Prepare and Enrich is a relationship inventory and skill building tool we have available. You would each take an online survey and then meet with a trained facilitator for feedback session(s) to discuss and understand the results go over the results and find out your strengths and weaknesses and be given tools to help enrich your relationship. If this sounds like what you need, complete the Marriage Matters Information form and we’ll be in touch.