Team Middle East - update 4, Equipping the Saints

Today we had the opportunity to meet with two local pastors who are reaching out to Chris tians in the area.  One is focusing on the poor in the capital city, the other on widows and single mothers in a neighboring city.  Both groups are in great need because of cultural circumstances.  Their country is 90% mus lim and 10% Chris tian, but the majority of the Chri stians are "cultural Chris tians."  You see, here, a person is born into their religion and that religion becomes a part of their identity, to the point that it is on their national identification card.  You are born either Chris tian or Mus lim, based on your family.  Much like the United States, many Chris tians are not truly living for Him, they just ascribe to a group without having a relationship.  The vision of these two pastors is to equip and disciple the Christ ian minority to truly live out their faith.  They believe if the 10% would come to know who they are in Christ, their country would be changed forever. Please pray for the Church in this area, that she would be the hope of the nation as she fulfills her calling as His bride (Ephesians 4:4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling).  


Laurie Weaver