Team Middle East, Update 6 - That Blinded Eyes Would be Opened...

Although 90% of this country is Mus lim, there is an openness to the Gospel that hasn't been seen before.  Due to recent political upheaval, the political/social persecution that used to be targeted toward Christians is now being rerouted toward extremists.  Chris tians are still a minority and second-class citizen, but the Lord is still working in these unfavorable conditions.  Tonight we had the opportunity to talk to Musl ims on the street and ask them about their religion, which led to conversations about Jesus.  Everyone we spoke with was very friendly and open, a reflection of the culture here.  However, it is apparent that the hold of Isl am is strong in the hearts and minds of many, even if it is more of a cultural perspective for them.  There is a striving to do good works without a true knowledge if it is enough to please God.  Some have a more Western mentality that in the end, God loves and forgives everyone so we're all ok and just need to respect each other.  None of them had an understanding of who Jesus was and why He came.

We also spent some time learning about the Doctor's ministry to Syrian refugees.  The Crossing's partnership has been helping with five different Hope Centers along the Lebanon/Syria border which have been serving Syrians whose lives have been destroyed by IS IS.  Although it is a tragic situation, we heard of miraculous encounters the refugees had when fleeing their homes, sometimes without shoes on their feet.  The Lord works in the midst of human tragedy, and He invites His church to come alongside and be His hands and feet.  Pray for God's continued protection for the refugees and that His workers would continue to have an open door to bring healing and hope.


Laurie Weaver