Team Middle East - semifinal update

The Lord is alive and working in the epicenter of today's world headlines.  It's easy to be discouraged with all the death and destruction we hear, but God is using these tragedies to draw people closer to Him.  Today we met one of these people groups.

Syria has been torn by government corruption on one side and IS IS on the other.  Over the past few years, this once proud people lost everything and has been displaced to surrounding countries.  Our host is working with several of these refugees on the border with Lebanon, but he is also partnering with someone who is ministering to them in our host country.  We had the opportunity to meet him today and see the community center he runs for Syrian refugees living here.  He told us how the family structure of these refugees is being affected because men are unemployed and feel they have failed their families.  They cope by escaping this shame with other Syrian men in cafes for hours each day.  Families are left without fathers while mothers are left to carry the family load.  Many of these women meet in the community center where they receive assistance and see Jesus' hands and feet in action.  A majority of these families are Musl ims, but they are very open to the Gospel.  Please pray for this outreach and for wisdom as we strategize how to partner with this ministry.

Please also keep us in prayer as we leave on Tuesday at 3:30am.  Your prayers for us over the past 2 weeks have been felt and accomplished much for the people of the Middle East.  We look forward to sharing more in person soon and invite you to partner with us in 2016.

"I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ." Philemon 1:6 

Laurie Weaver