Team Middle East - the Season Finale

We have safely arrived back home after a long period of travel. Our last day in Egypt included having lunch with a beautiful Muslim family. Egypt is a country of contrasts: you have those with extreme wealth, which make up a minority, and those in extreme poverty, which are the majority. What binds them all together, however, is Islam. The family we visited with was amongst the wealthy of Egyptian society... but even in their wealth, you could see the bonds of Islam in their daily lives. They go to great lengths to fulfil the requirements of Ramadan, even trying to go above standard requirements to "gain credit" for their sins. In a few weeks, they will celebrate the sacrifice of Abraham and Ishmael (unlike the Biblical account of Isaac), by purchasing a cow (for the wealthy) or a smaller animal (for the poor) and slaughtering it and then applying the blood to their homes and business. On that day, the streets of Egypt are filled with blood. Pray that they would know that Blood has already been spilled for all humanity, once for all, on the cross of Calvary when Jesus died to fulfill all sacrificial systems (Heb 9:12-14). 
Please join us in October at the Missions Dinner to get more details on both our trips and to see how you can partner with us in 2016!  On behalf of Jill and Nate Baranowski and myself, thank you for your prayers and support... Rabina Maak (May the Lord be with you)!

Laurie Weaver