Team Egypt, update one

Greetings from Egypt! After several delays, near misses, and complete misses, four out of seven of us arrived in Egypt yesterday and three have been stranded in Rome for the past two days, but will joyfully rejoin us tomorrow at 5 p.m.(we're very thankful for Global infusion which has gone above and beyond to care for them while in Rome.) 

Although it's been challenging to not have the whole team together, we began our ministry time today by learning about the origins and teachings of Islam, followed by attending a local church service where we were privileged to pray for several fellow Christians.



  we also participated in an online streaming Bible study that is broadcast to Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq.  Each team member shared a brief message of hope from the scriptures that was heard both by Christians and those interested in Christianity but unable to go to a church. 



  Tomorrow we will receive questions from those viewing the broadcast and will then record Another episode where we answer questions from the viewers. This is a humbling opportunity which gives us an insight into the lives and struggles of our fellow brothers and sisters in the Middle East. We will also attend a secret meeting for leaders of underground churches who have converted to Christianity and must be careful about their life in Christ because of perse cution.

Please keep these two events in your prayers! Thank you for the cover you have given us so far, we truly have seen the power of prayer in our lives. 

Rabina ibarikum!  

Laurie Weaver