Team Egypt, update two

Sabah al khir (good morning)! 

We started our day learning about the teachings of Is lam and how to engage Mus lims in conversation. Our team was surprised to learn that many Muslims follow their religion more out of cultural practice, and not so much out of full understanding. Unfortunately, this is the case for many Christians back home as well. We then spent the afternoon building relationships and enjoying the hospitality of Muslim friends we met at a local mall.

Later that evening, we participated in a meeting  with a special group of Egyptian Christians. These were leaders of Musli m background believer  (MBB) cell groups that meet throughout the city in secret because of fear of persecution. Overall, they represent over 600 MBBs in Cairo. This group consisted of high-ranking officials, business executives, and community leaders who risked much to follow Christ. Philip had the chance to teach concepts from the book Helping Without Hurting,  and Phil Costello Skyped in from Missouri and also talked about his experience working alongside the poor in Indonesia. It was an honor to be a part of this group of saints who do not value their lives more than Christ. Unfortunately, we could not post any pictures due to the sensitivity of this meeting.

The other highlight of the day was our team Egypt reunion tour! After 3 days, two cities, and lost luggage, our team was put back together. Thank you for your prayers! 

Laurie Weaver