Team Egypt, update four

Egypt is a land of contrasts... Within the same city you can find one of the biggest malls in the world, and nearby a slum where people who manage the city's trash live. On one street corner you find an imposing mosque, a constant reminder of the stronghold Islam has over this country, but nearby, meeting secretly in an inconspicuous apartment is a gathering of saints who are lights in the darkness. 

Our ministry with this precious group of people continued today in a retreat center in the outskirts of Cairo. The leaders who oversee this large network of believers (over 400!) coordinated a "Day of Faith" conference for some of these families. About 30 adults and 30 children were in attendance and our team facilitated activities for both groups.  Philip taught on Biblical principles for marriage, and Janet and Kristen taught on prayer and journaling. The rest of the team did various activities with children ages 3-16. 

It was an honor to spend time and learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to give so much for their faith. May we have the same boldness. 

Remember   the missionaries who were caught in between a tribal-army conflict in Sudan? Dr Hany informed us that that night they heard a loud explosion in the distance, but there were no planes or tanks in the area. They later learned that neither side had caused the explosion, but both heard it and fled believing the othet side had acquired mortars! The missionaries were able escape to safety that night...and God gets all the glory.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Laurie Weaver