Prayer and Decree for City Transformation 02/21/18

May the peace of God dwell in this city and may His dominion reign over all of the Tampa Metropolitan Area.   Let the foundation of this city be built upon righteousness, truth, mercy and justice.

May the Lord look with favor upon us, and His blessing be poured out in every household.  May the abundance of the Father’s love and goodness release restoration; and let there be healing to every household and family.  May this land be restored and our economy prosperous.  Let every family be blessed with more than enough and a generous spirit to be a blessing to others, in Jesus name. Amen.

In the name and authority of Jesus Christ we decree:

1.     We decree an open heaven over the Tampa Metropolitan Area. We release revelation and truth to set the captives free according to John 8:32.

2.     We declare an end to confusion, strife, and disorder in families. We call all things into Divine order and subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

3.     Let there be a release of the fear of the Lord, light and truth over the Tampa Metropolitan Area, according to Genesis 1:3 and John 16:13.

4.     We decree an end to human trafficking, prostitution, rape, theft, murder and all violence. We declare the walls of this city “Salvation” and our gates, “Praise,” according to Isaiah 60:18.

5.     We declare an end to broken and ungodly marriages. Lord, let husbands and wives seek you and embrace you as the true foundation and essence of our marriages

6.     We declare an end to abandoned, abused and neglected spouses. We declare every spouse to have the safety, love and protection of a loving marriage.

7.     We declare an end to abandoned, abused and neglected children.  We declare every child to have the safety, love and protection of a loving family.  Our Children are excellent students, the heads of their classes and not the tail. They have favor with their teachers, faculty, staff, coaches, and peers.

8.     Let the Love of God be poured out through His Holy Spirit, so that people have an encounter with their Heavenly Father, and know that they are valued, esteemed and loved by Him.

9.     We declare an end to hopelessness and homelessness in Jesus name.  We speak new opportunities and restoration to those that have suffered great loss and hardship.

10.  We declare freedom from addictions, mental illness, bondage, oppression, sickness and ungodly brokenness, in the name of Jesus Christ.

11.  We declare supernatural healing and deliverance to be released in Jesus name. We also thank God for using us, members of His church to minister to those who are in need

12.  We declare the economic conditions and commerce of our city are healed.  We declare there shall be no lack of good paying jobs, affordable housing and provision for the necessities of life, according to Psalm 23:1.

Father, we pray that You fill our Government officials and educators with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. We pray that those in authority walk worthy of You, that they be fruitful in every good work, and increase in the knowledge of You.

13.  We declare an end to confusion, strife, and gridlock in our governments and schools. We call all things into Divine order and subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

14.  We declare wisdom and godly counsel shall come forth from our government leaders.  We bless them to receive divine strategies and inspired ideas to get around the obstacles that will enable them to govern the people with righteousness, equity and justice in Jesus name.

15.  We bless our military personnel, police, border patrol, firemen, paramedics and all first responders with safety and protection.  We release angels to be dispatched that will carry messages of wisdom and to oversee, guide, protect and preserve life.

16.  We declare blessing over honest, reputable businesses.  We speak prosperity over them in the name of Jesus our Lord.

17.  We declare dishonest, disreputable businesses and those that are shell companies for immoral and illegal activity shall dry up, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

18.  We decree a release of creative solutions for entrepreneurs and strategies for businesses to prosper to come forth, according to Proverbs 8:12.

19.  We declare blessing and increase, raises and promotions, retroactive compensation, recovery of losses, divine connections, favor and restoration over every individual in the Tampa Metropolitan Area.

20.  We pray for our government officials, business leaders and educators to be Kingdom minded as they serve in their roles. We declare Godly wisdom is their portion from today

21.  We declare Tampa is one of the gates of the Lord, the gate of righteousness according to Psalm 118:20.

22.  We declare that Jesus Christ has reconciled all things unto Himself and His peace dwells in this city, according to Colossians 1:20.

Father, we thank You for the leadership in this divine transformation of the Tampa Metropolitan area. We pray for all pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors and prayer teams leading in all locations. We pray for the Revive Florida team. We thank You that by Your grace all these leaders are examples of Christ. We pray they are equipped and empowered for the calling upon their lives. They glorify God in all that they do. They are encouraged and strengthened. We confess that the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel and might, rests upon them. We thank You that they daily walk in holiness, integrity, humility, justice, peace and love.

We pray that they flow in the gifts of the Spirit. They are discerning and sensitive to the people and to the things of God. We pray that they are blessed spiritually, physically, mentally, personally and emotionally. We confess victory in their ministries as well as in their homes. We declare great grace and favor upon them as they are filled with unconditional love for God’s children. We thank You that they exemplify Your abundance in every area of their lives!

23.  We pray for all Pastors, ministry leaders and prayer teams Business leaders to be Kingdom minded above all else

24.  Lord remove any untruths in the minds and hearts of pastors, ministry leaders and prayer teams – replace the untruths with Your truth

25.  We decree a release of the Spirit of Divine Love, Forgiveness, Humility, Grace and Repentance over the Tampa Metropolitan Area according to John 3:16,17.

26.  We decree angelic assistance and intervention is released to dismantle demonic thrones, ungodly rulers, principalities and powers, and ungodly authority structures.

27.  We decree all demonic spirits oppressing the Tampa Metropolitan area are bound in the name of Jesus Christ and we render them instantly paralyzed and powerless, they are sent to the abyss now.

28.  We declare the enemy shall have no right of remembrance in our city and throughout the Tampa Metropolitan Area.  We declare Jesus is Lord over the Tampa Metropolitan Area and throughout the State of Florida.  We declare the name of Jesus Christ over every other name according to Philippians 2:9-11 and Romans 14:11.

29.  We decree a supernatural release of miracles, signs and wonders by the work of the Holy Spirit, according to Mark 16:17-18.

30.  We decree a release of supernatural wisdom and understanding to provide insight and foresight to God’s people.

31.  We decree a release of the Spirit of Adoption, and regeneration and renewal in the minds and hearts of the citizens of the Tampa Metropolitan Area. People will walk in the identity as sons and daughters of the Most High God, according to Romans 8:15.

32.  We decree a release of the breath of God to bring revival, renewal, restoration and transformation, according to Ezekiel 36:33-35.

33.  We declare these things in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and we thank You, Father, that as we do, You cause them to be established so that light will shine upon our ways.  Amen.

Laurie Weaver