Prayer Points 6/20/18

The Lord is doing a restoration in the Tampa region. The Holy Ghost restoration. The cities we live in need us. Our heavenly Father has chosen us for this special assignment: Revival in the TAMPA BAY region. Our region needs our voices for God’s change and transformation to happen. Join me in lifting up prayers for salvations, restoration, prosperity, and revival! We have authority to speak over this land. Let us remember who God says we are:

  • I am more than a conqueror through Him Who loves me (Romans 8:37). Let us conquer this land
  • I can do all things through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:13). Let us rule over this land through Jesus
  • I am the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). Let us shine our light in this land
  1. Let the kingdom of God have dominion in this land and it's people from now on
  2. Let the power, love and witness of the Holy Spirit have unlimited preeminence over the people of this land in Jesus name
  3. Let the people of this defined land area yield to the Holy Spirit & arise in unity and love to daily exercise dominion in this land in Jesus name
  4. Let the light of God in us shine in our marriages, families, work places and communities
  5. We cancel every ungodly covenant and evil influence made to corrupt and contaminate this land and it's people in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. We release this land and it's people from ungodly covenants , demonic declarations, curses, bondages and evil influences in the name of Jesus Christ
  7. We cast out all territorial, marine (water) and ungodly spirits ruling over this land and it's people. Leave now and return no more in Jesus name
  8. Let the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ protect this land and it's people in Jesus name
  9. We claim every soul which God has made available for His kingdom in this land
  10. Let the word of God in Isaiah 45:8 live and abide in this land: "Rain down, you heavens, from above, And let the skies pour down righteousness; Let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, And let righteousness spring up together. I, the Lord, have created it.
  11. Let the word of God in 3 John 2 live and abide in this land: we pray that the people of this land may prosper in all things and be in health, just as their soul prospers.
  12. We declare an end to confusion, strife, and gridlock in our governments and schools. We call all things into Divine order and subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  13. We declare Godly wisdom and counsel upon our government leaders.  We bless them to receive divine strategies and inspired ideas to govern the people with righteousness, equity and justice in Jesus name.
  14. Let the holy angels of the Lord watch over and protect this land and it people from this day in Jesus name. Amen.

Father, we thank You for the leadership in this divine transformation of the Tampa Metropolitan area. We pray for all pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors and prayer teams leading in all locations. We pray for the Revive Florida team. We believe that by Your grace all these leaders are examples of Christ. We confess that the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel and might, rests upon them. Help these leaders daily walk in intimacy with You, integrity, humility, boldness and love. We declare great grace and favor upon them as they are filled with unconditional love for God’s children.

  1. We pray for Pastors, ministry leaders, prayer teams and Business leaders to be Kingdom minded above all else
  2. Lord let all pastors and ministry leaders arise now and fully embrace your current move of unity of leaders and churches in the Tampa Metropolitan area
  3. Father help all leaders in the church at various levels spend the time needed to receive from you in order to serve with passion and power
  4. Help leaders partner with the Holy Spirit to provide Godly solutions to problems
  5. Lord help your churches in this area arise & take its rightful place in the society.
  6. Let the word of God in Luke 10:27 live and abide in this land: we pray that the people of this land shall love the Lord our God with all their hearts, with all their souls, with all their strength, and with all their minds,' and 'their neighbor as themselves.'
  7. Father teach and train us how to love you above everything else. Help us sacrifice whatever is needed to maintain the highest level of obedience to You.
  8. Instill an insatiable (unquenchable) desire for continuous intimacy with You (Your way)
  9. Lord let our love for You be super contagious & visibly impactful wherever we go
  10. Lord we ask for the passion for a fervent lifestyle of outreach and discipleship in our area
  11. We pray for your presence and wisdom over all Revive Florida meetings and events
  12. Help us follow ONLY Your way to claim and rule in this land in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Laurie Weaver