Noon Prayer Points 8/15/18

  1. We pray for every Pastor, ministry leaders who are weary, heavy laden, that they will turn to you and find rest for their soul.
  2. We pray for an outpouring of strength and courage in this season to take new territory for your Kingdom. We cast out a spirit of fear.
  3. We pray that every Pastor within this region will have an army of Aaron’s and Hur’s that will lift up and support the vision (Exodus 17:12). May no Pastor in this region be fighting alone. We come against a spirit of isolation, loneliness.
  4. We pray God, that you raise up intercessors/awaken intercessors in every church in this region.
  5. We pray that the eyes of the Pastors, ministry leaders and intercessors in this region may be enlightened. We pray for an outpouring of fresh revelations from heaven.
  6. With the shield of faith, we cover every Pastor’s mind to quench every flaming dart of doubt, or vain imagination, or mental distraction (Mark 6:5-6). Let the mind of Christ be strong in every Pastor in this region
  7. Lord we pray for a fresh outpouring of your spirit upon the Pastors, leaders, staff and intercessors in the region.
  8. We are asking you God to stir up Pastors and ministry leaders to intentionally pursue unity opportunities with each other 
  9. We Pray is accordance to John 17:21 “Lord make us one!” 
  10. Help Pastors and ministry leaders be sensitive to the current move of God in the Tampa area  
  11. Lord we ask you to burden our heart with the things that concern you.  
  12. Lord stir up churches in Tampa to pray together for your Kingdom to come for all to see. 
  13. Lord remove all excuses and cancel all distractions & confusion from us as we align with your will for Tampa 
  14. Lord stir up all volunteers required to support your work in claiming Tampa for Jesus
  15. Lord we are available for your signs and wonders to flow and touch the hearts of your people  
  16. Let all who are to participate in your revival in Tampa arise and play their role. 
Laurie Weaver