Noon Prayer 9/19

14 Questions About the Fear of Man

1. Have you ever struggled with peer pressure?

2. Are you over-committed?

3. Do you “need” something from your spouse? Do you “need” your spouse to listen to you? Respect you?

4. Is self-esteem a critical concern for you?

5. Do you ever feel as if you might be exposed as an impostor?

6. Are you always second-guessing decisions because of what other people might think? Are you afraid of making mistakes that will make you look bad in other people’s eyes?

7. Do you feel empty or meaningless?

8. Do you get easily embarrassed?

9. Do you ever lie, especially the little white lies? What about cover-ups where you are not technically lying with your mouth?

10. Are you jealous of other people?

11. Do other people often make you angry or depressed?

12. Do you avoid people?

13. Aren’t most diets, even when they are ostensibly under the heading of “health,” dedicated to impressing others?

14. Have all these descriptions missed the mark? When you compare yourself with other people, do you feel good about yourself?

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