Read Psalm 27:1

Have you ever heard your mom or dad say, “Don’t play with lighters?” Your parents don’t let you play with lighters because fi re can be a dangerous thing. When you light a candle or light a fi re in the fi replace, fire is fine! But if you’re not careful, fi re can cause a LOT of damage.

Find a candle in your house and ask your parents to light it for you. Take a look at the flame. Fear stops us from showing courage. If you let it, fear, like that flame, can easily get out of control. But God can help calm our fear. Now, put the lid on the candle or ask your mom or dad to snuff it out. Just like that, when you ask Him, God can put a stop to fear. He is your place of safety. So the next time you begin to feel fear taking over, ask God to help you remember that you have nothing to be afraid because He is with you.

THANK God for helping calm your fear before it gets out of control.


Read Psalm 56:3-4 DAY 2

Reading God’s word always reminds you of what’s true. When we’re faced with a situation and we’re fearful, remembering God’s words can help you stand up and do the right thing. That’s why it’s good to read your Bible and think about what it’s saying to you.

Read this verse one more time. When you are afraid, you can always trust God. You can praise Him or thank Him for what He’s done for you. You can ask Him to give you confidence to stand up for what is right. And you can move forward with courage knowing that no one else is more powerful than God. You can do what you should do because God is with you and ready to help.

In space below, write out this verse in your own words. To challenge yourself, see if you can write it out in 8 words or less.


ASK God to help you remember that you can always trust Him when you’re afraid.


Read Isaiah 41:10

Can you think of a situation where you needed to do the right thing, but everyone around you was afraid? Maybe you got a new coach that’s been pretty tough on the team during practice. Maybe you and your friends notice that the new kid is getting picked on, but none of you are sure what to do to help. When you need to show courage and everyone around you is afraid, think about today’s verse. Even if your friends quit the team or decide not to stand up to the bullies at school, you’re not really alone. God is with you. He will make you strong and help you. He will keep you safe in His mighty hands.

See today’s verse below? In each of the blanks, write your name. When finished, read the verse aloud.

“ So do not be afraid. I am with _______________. Do not be terrified. I am

_____________________’s God. I will make _____________________ strong and help

_____________________. I will hold ______________________ safe in

my hands. I always do what is right.” Isaiah 41:10

LISTEN to the promises that God has made to you above and believe them!


Read Romans 8:15

Do you know someone who is adopted—maybe someone in your neighborhood or at school or even in your own family! In your own words, write down what it means to be adopted in the space below.


When a child is born and his birth parents cannot take care of him, then a family that can take care of him will step in and adopt that child. When a child is adopted, he becomes part of a forever family that will love and care for him always. Did you know that you can be adopted into God’s family?

It’s true! God is perfect and we are not. Our sin separates us from Him, which is really bad news. God didn’t want that separation so He sent His only Son, Jesus. Because Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin, we can become sons and daughters of God. We are adopted into His family, forever when we trust Jesus as Savior. We can call God, Abba, or Father. Isn’t that amazing?

KNOW that we can show courage because God is our Father.



Kim Gore