Read Joshua 1:9

This month’s verse is a GREAT one to memorize. When you get scared, or think you can’t do whatever it is that needs to be done, you can say this verse to yourself to remind you of what’s true! So, this week, we’ll focus on a different part of the verse each day and what it means. Hopefully, by the end of the week, you’ll have it memorized.

The first part of the verse says, “Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid.” Are you scared to do the right thing? Joshua was telling his men to be brave anyway and replace that fear with confidence.

Find a piece of poster board or a large piece of cardboard. Use a marker to write out Joshua 1:9 in large block letters. Say the verse aloud five times. Then, grab a piece of paper or a sticky note and cover the first two sentences (“Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid.”) Now, repeat the verse five more times while the first two sentences are covered up. Can you do it from memory? Save this poster because we’ll use it all week long.

THANK God for giving you the confidence to be strong and brave and unafraid.


Read Joshua 1:9

So yesterday, we learned the first part of the verse! Now it’s time to move on the third sentence. It says, “Do not lose hope.” You know what hope is right? Hope is believing that something good can come out of something bad. It doesn’t mean that you won’t face stuff that’s hard. It doesn’t mean that you snap your fingers and suddenly all your problems go away. What it DOES mean is that no matter what happens, you can believe that good things can come from those hard times. And the truth is, when you trust God, they will! So do not lose hope! When you’re not sure you can stand up and do the right thing, DO NOT lose hope.

Take a look at your verse poster for this week. (If you missed Day 1, look there for instructions to make your poster). Can you recite the verse with the first part covered? Great job! Now, read the third sentence out loud: “Do not lose hope.” Grab a piece of paper or a sticky note and cover up that sentence. Can you say the verse while the first two phrases are covered?

ASK God to remind you to show courage and not lose hope.


Read Joshua 1:9

Do you want to know the real key to having courage? Take a look at the fourth sentence in this verse. It says, “I am the Lord your God.” And who is God? He’s the creator of the universe, the God who loves you, the one who MADE you. He sent His son Jesus to die for you. He is more powerful, more loving, more faithful, and more trustworthy than anyone or anything. All things come from Him. And He is in control. God is with you. He is YOUR God. And if you trust Him, even when you aren’t sure how things will all work out, He will give you the courage you need.

Get the verse poster you made on Day 1. Recite the verse with the first two sections covered. Could you say those phrases from memory? Are you ready for an even bigger challenge? Okay, now cover up today’s phrase (“I am the Lord your God.”) with a piece of paper or a sticky note. See if you can recite the verse with the first three phrases covered up. Repeat the verse five times.

LOOK for ways to trust that God is in control and that He will give you the courage you need to do the right thing.


Read Joshua 1:9

We’re finally to the last part of our memory verse for this month—and we’ve saved the best for last! Take a look at the very last sentence. “I (that’s God!) will be with you wherever you go.” Wow! God is with you.

He’s with you when the bully starts coming towards you in the lunchroom. He’s with you when everyone else is cheating on the test. And He’s with you when your parents ask you what really happened. God is with you. Always. You are not alone. You can do what you should do, you can have courage in any situation, because God is WITH you.

Now, are you up for our verse challenge? This is it—the final day. Get your verse poster from Day 1 and recite the verse with the first three phrases covered. Then grab a piece of paper or a sticky note and cover the very last sentence. Can you say the whole verse from memory?

KNOW that God you can have courage because God is with you wherever you go.


Kim Gore