JOY - DECEMBER 10th/11th


READ LUKE 1:76-77

What did the angel tell Zechariah? (Read Luke 1:13 for help) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What did the angel say the baby’s name would be? _________________________________________________

Why did John’s birth seem impossible to Zechariah? (Read Luke 1:18) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Just think about how joyful Zechariah and Elizabeth must have been when this special baby was born! What seemed completely impossible to them was possible with God! Anything is possible with God. And that’s a great reason to have joy.

Ask a parent to show you some of your baby pictures. What did they do to prepare for you coming into the family? Did anyone throw a party for them? Then ask them to tell you the story of the day you joined the family.

THANK God for the joy we can have because ANYTHING is possible with Him.



We’ve been talking about real joy this month. Sometimes finding joy means remembering what’s true. Even when things are hard, or when they don’t go your way, God is still the same. He is still a holy and loving God. He’s still the One who made you and sent His only Son for you.

Worship is a great way to remember who God is and how much He loves you. Play some worship music and pay attention to the words of the song. If you don’t have a way to play a worship song, sing one of the songs you’ve learned at church. Sing to God and thank Him for the joy you have because of all He’s done for you.

ASK God help you find real joy as you worship Him.



Can you think of a situation right now that is hard for you? Maybe it’s something that makes you sad or unhappy? Write it down below:


We all face hard stuff. Sometimes the hard stuff makes us think that God doesn’t want to help us. Or that He doesn’t care when we are sad. But this week we learned that we can have joy because ANYTHING is possible with God.

Take a look at what you wrote above. How can knowing God and trusting Him make this situation better? How can BELIEVING the truth that all things are possible with God help you face this situation? Remember, you can have joy because anything is possible with God.

LOOK for God doing amazing things and find joy— even in the hard stuff—because nothing is impossible for Him.



Did you read the part of the verse that says: God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine? That doesn’t mean if you ask God for a horse for your birthday, you’ll suddenly find a unicorn on your doorstep. God isn’t a big Santa Claus that brings presents or a genie that grants three outrageous wishes.

What it DOES mean is that when you choose to follow God, HIS plan will be bigger and better than anything you could have asked for or imagined on your own. And the joy that He gives is bigger and better than any unicorn, Christmas morning or granted wish.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a large heart in the center of the page. Write the words of the verse inside the heart and decorate it. Hang this verse in your room where you will see it everyday.

KNOW that joy comes in believing anything is possible with God.


Kim Gore