You learn new things everyday and those new things make you better at math, writing, basketball or just being a good friend. But there is ONE source of knowledge that is sure to make you better at life. Do you know what it is? The BIBLE! The Bible is God’s word to you. It’s the BEST way to know how to follow God. He wants you to read His Word and hide it in your heart by memorizing what it says. That way, when you face a difficult situation and don’t have a Bible right in front of you, you can remember God’s promises because you know them by heart.

Do you know any verses "by heart?" This month, we have a memory verse challenge for you. Each week, we’ll highlight ONE verse to memorize and give you an activity to help you learn it. By the end of the month, you should know FIVE new verses by heart that will help you everyday! Are you up for the challenge? Here’s a hint: your first challenge starts tomorrow!

THANK God for giving you His word so you can KNOW Him.



Did you know that there is Someone who knows EVERYTHING? In fact, He knows more than Google or Siri combined. God has the answer to any question about any subject you could imagine. And the Maker of heaven and earth, the smartest most knowledgeable One ever wants you to know HIM. He sent His son Jesus so you could have a relationship with Him forever. Discovering what God says helps you know Jesus!

So are you ready for your first memory verse challenge? Grab a piece of paper and tear it into twelve smaller pieces. On each piece, write a word from the verse above (including "Proverbs 2:6" on the last piece). Lay out the words in order and repeat the verse out loud. Then, one at a time, grab one word, wad it up and throw it away. Say the verse. Repeat the process until you have one word left. Can you repeat the verse from memory?

ASK God to give you the knowledge and wisdom you need to follow Him.



What is your most valuable possession? Why? How do you make sure to protect that possession? God’s word is more precious and more valuable than your iPad or brand new bike or American girl doll. God’s word is more precious than silver or gold. The Bible teaches us how to follow God and know who Jesus is. It shows us how we can have a relationship with God. As you read your Bible, remember that it is like a special gift straight from God to you.

LOOK for ways to treat God’s word like it’s your most valuable possession.


READ JOHN 3:10-15

In this passage Jesus is talking to Nicodemus. He was a leader and teacher who knew the Old Testament backwards and forwards! But even with ALL of that knowledge, Nicodemus still questioned if Jesus was the promised Savior. He was so smart, but he still couldn’t recognize who Jesus was!

You might be the smartest kid in your class. You could read thousands of books and make perfect grades. You could even have half of your Bible memorized! But knowing what God’s word says isn’t enough. God wants you to know Jesus!

Are you like Nicodemus? Do you know a lot EXCEPT the most important thing? Discovering what God says is important, but it should lead somewhere. It should lead you to person, Jesus, and a relationship with Him.

Draw a picture of Nicodemus meeting Jesus at night. Write the words from John 3:10 somewhere on your picture.

KNOW that God loves you and sent Jesus so that you could know Him.


Kim Gore