Let’s repeat our memory verse challenge to see how you’re persevering this month! It’s ok if you’re just getting started with this challenge, too. Just grab two soup cans and hold them out to your sides to make a "T". While you hold them up, read the verse a few time. Now, try to say it from memory. How long can you keep them up? Ask an adult to time you as you count the number of times you repeat the verse.

How many times could you repeat it? How long were you able to hold up those soup cans? If you’ve done this activity for the past couple of weeks, compare your times and see how you’re doing. Are you getting stronger? Is it becoming a bit easier to hold up those cans? The more you practice, the easier it should become. But you can’t give up! Remember, perseverance is refusing to give up when life gets hard. You have one more week to push yourself! Can you do it?

THANK God for verses like this that remind you to show perseverance.



JAMES 1:12

Do you know what it means to be "blessed?" Basically, this verse promises that when you refuse to give up, when you keep going, you will be rewarded. And what does this verse promise? A crown.

Sure, it would be pretty cool to receive an actual jewel covered crown if we kept on going. But that’s not exactly what this verse is talking about. When we choose to stick with something, even when it’s hard, we will receive a reward. Maybe it’s winning a race and receiving a medal. Or, it might be working really hard on that science fair project and receiving a first place ribbon. Or, maybe it’s knowing deep down that when you work hard you make your heavenly Father SO proud. Remember, He sees and knows everything you do and He is your biggest fan!

Grab some construction paper or cardstock. Fold the paper in half on the long side and cut it apart on the fold. Take one of the paper halves and write the words of this verse along the bottom. Cut the top to look like a crown. Cover with foil, bring the two ends together and staple it to create your crown.

ASK God to help you stick with it, knowing that He is with you.




When a runner springs off from the starting line, where is he headed? The finish line! Have you ever seen a runner stop and look back at the start to make sure it’s time to go? No way! That runner takes off as fast as he can toward the finish line.

When it comes to perseverance, you have to choose to look forward instead of looking back! Maybe you tried out for the team and didn’t make it. Or maybe you tried something new and it was just too hard. Instead of thinking about all the times you’ve tried and failed, ask God to help you look ahead instead.

Think of something you’ve tried and given up on. Maybe it’s learning a new sport, taking piano lessons, or trying to be more patient with your siblings. Write the words, "don’t look back" on a card and place it by your bed. Ask God to help you look forward instead of thinking about the times you might have failed in the past.

LOOK ahead and ask God to help you stay focused on Him.




Use these verses to help you answer the questions below.

What did Jesus do for us? __________________________________

What happened after Jesus died? ____________________________

Where is Jesus now? ______________________________________

When we get discouraged and want to give up, what should we do?


Jesus endured the most awful pain that anyone has ever faced. He died on the cross for you and for me. Can you imagine the kind of perseverance it took to face something like that? Jesus knew what would happen if He chose to give up. Jesus also knew that if He persevered you would no longer be separated from God. He didn’t think about the pain. He thought about the joy that was to come – the chance for all who believe in Him to have a right relationship with God.

That’s why you can have perseverance. You can look to Jesus’ example on the cross. You can ask Him to help you keep going when you want to give up. When life gets hard, remember what Jesus did for you.

KNOW that Jesus chose to persevere so that you be with God forever.


Kim Gore