Wouldn’t it be awesome to run and NEVER get tired? Think of all the races you could win. Or the soccer games you could play without ever getting winded.

When you trust in God and look to Him for help, you have access to His unlimited power. He can help you face any situation without growing tired or being tempted to quit. When you choose to rely on God and His strength, you show perseverance and refuse to give up, even when life gets hard.

Let’s repeat our challenge from last week. Grab a couple of soup cans. Hold one in each hand. Raise your arms in a "T" formation as you repeat today’s verse. Try to say the verse from memory if possible. Time yourself to see how long you can go and compare it to last week. Do you see any improvement?

THANK God for giving you the help you need to persevere.



Can you think of a time this past week when you wanted to give up? Maybe you just couldn’t finish your homework because it didn’t make any sense. Or, you stopped on the last lap during PE because you just couldn’t make it. Maybe you wanted to stop being nice to someone who wasn’t nice back.

When it comes to perseverance, it’s easy to give up and quit. But before you do, think about this verse. God is RIGHT there. And while you can’t see Him face to face, that doesn’t mean He isn’t with you. This verse promises that God is at your right hand. That means that wherever you go, whatever you do, God is with you, ready to help. So when you are tempted to quit, take a look at your right hand. Ask God to help you remember that He is with you and ask Him to give you the strength you need to keep going.

Write the words of today’s verse on the fingers of this right hand.

ASK God to help you look to Him when you’re tempted to give up.



When a farmer plants a field, he doesn’t see the results of his hard work right away. In some cases, he has to water and tend the land for months before he sees anything begin to grow. A farmer understands how important it is to persevere and wait for the good things to come.

Choosing to do the right thing is a lot like farming. Every time you use honest words, or keep a promise, or choose to be kind or hold your tongue before saying something you shouldn’t, you are like that farmer who waits for his crops to grow. You might not see anything good come from your wise choices at first, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Just like a farmer keeps watering, and pulling weeds and looking out for signs of disease or bugs that might destroy his harvest, doing the right thing requires perseverance. You will sow a beautiful crop if you don’t become tired of doing good.

Below, draw a crop of your favorite vegetables to remind you to keep persevering and doing good.




LOOK for ways to trust God and keep doing good.



Have you ever watched the Olympics or a running race on TV? When the first person crosses the finish line, that person wins a gold medal. While it might look easy, those few minutes of running to win required hours of training and hard work. It takes perseverance to win a gold medal.

Perseverance isn’t just about gold medals. This verse talks about running your own race. God has a perfect plan just for you and He wants you to run that race, trusting that He will lead you if you keep with it. Even if you feel like you’re the only one making the wise choice, or treating others the way you want to be treated or trusting God no matter what, He wants you to keep on and persevere.

One BIG way to encourage you to keep running your race is to look at examples of other people who have persevered. Think of someone to interview that refused to give up. Use the questions below as a guide.

Did you ever want to quit when things got hard? Why did you keep going? What happened as a result of your refusing to give up?

KNOW that God will help you perserve just like the person you interviewed.



Kim Gore