Do you remember that list you made a few days ago of all your stuff? Pull out your list and take a look at it. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. Just take 2 minutes to make a list of everything you have. Now grab another piece of paper. Draw a line down the center of the page. At the top, on one side write the word "Wants" and on the other side write "Needs." Take a few minutes to look at your original list and write down everything on it in one of these two categories.

Take a look at your paper. Do you have more in one column than the other? Probably. Chances are that you probably have more things listed in the "want" category. But here’s the thing. Everything on this list comes from God. It all belongs to him. He promises to meet all your needs because it’s all His. You can be content with what you have when you remember God can provide what you need.

THANK God for providing everything you need.



Paul knew what it was like to have more than you need. He also knew how to be content when he didn’t have enough. What was his big secret? Check out verse 13 again. When you trust Jesus as your Savior, He will give you what you need. And like Paul, you can be content in any situation, no matter what. The focus has to be on Jesus and your relationship with Him instead of your stuff. Because when you focus on your stuff, you can miss what matters most. Fill in the blanks below to help you remember this important truth this week.

"I have _____________ the ______________ of being _______________ no matter what _________________. I am content whether I am well _____________ or _____________. I am _________________ whether I have more than ________________ or not __________________. I can do ________ this by the _________________ of __________________." Philippians 4:12-13

ASK God to help you focus on the power He gives through Christ.



Do you know what helps you stay content? Gratitude. Being grateful for what you have helps you realize that you’ve really got a lot! When was the last time you truly thanked God for something? Not just a few words you spouted off from a memorized prayer before a meal or the same prayer you always pray at bedtime. But a time when you talked to God and specifically thanked Him for something?

Gratitude–thanking God–is a BIG key to contentment. Being grateful for what you have reminds you that it all, every single thing, comes from God. We should always take time to thank God for what He’s given us.

Take a few minutes right now to thank God for three things. When you’re finished, tell a grown up or a sibling about the three things you thanked God for.

LOOK for ways to say "thank you" to God this week.


What do you love most about your birthday? Is it a fun party or cake and ice cream or opening your presents? Write it down below.



Birthdays are awesome! But you know what’s even better than the most awesome birthday party? Heaven! Heaven will be like the most amazing party you’ve ever been too–except it will be even better than that because God himself will be there.

We don’t think about heaven very often. Know why? Because we’re busy living here on earth. We have school and homework and family time and friends. But God wants us to be prepared now for heaven later on.

One secret to contentment is to remembering that the tough things we face on earth are only temporary. The bad stuff won’t last forever. But heaven never ends. It’s a perfect place with no sadness, sickness, pain or disappointment. Isn’t that awesome?

KNOW that because of Jesus we get to spend forever with God in heaven.



Kim Gore