Check out the birds outside. Do they seem to wonder where their next meal will come from? After all, there are no bird grocery stores stocked full of worms just down the street. Birds have to search for those worms. But they don’t worry. They just get busy looking. And God provides what they need.

You are way more important to God than the birds. When you are worried about something, it’s hard to have contentment. To worry means to focus on something that hasn’t yet happened and assume the worst. But God doesn’t want you to live that way. He is in control and He will give you everything you need. He just asks that you trust him.

Look at this verse again. Grab a pen or pencil and your Bible. Draw an "x" over the word "worry" each time it appears in these verses. In the margin next to the verse, write the word "TRUST."

THANK God for being trustworthy and for always taking care of you.



Have you ever stopped to examine a flower? Some are fragrant with large blooms. Some are small and delicate. Some grow wild and free and some are planted to grow in the just the right combination. God created all of these different flowers. He carefully shaped and colored each one.

But flowers don’t last. Beautiful bouquets eventually end up in the trash. Those wildflowers growing in the park might soon be cut down by a lawn mower. Yet God still takes the time to clothe the flowers in beauty.

If God cares so much for the flowers, doesn’t He care even more for you? Absolutely. Just as the flowers don’t worry about how they’re dressed, Jesus said we don’t need to worry either. We can trust God to take care of us. Because when you focus on God, you don’t have to worry.

Go outside and pick a flower. Place it between two pieces of waxed paper and press it between the pages of a heavy book. Keep it in your Bible as a reminder to replace your worry with trust.

ASK God to help you trust in Him so that you can be content.



Below are some of the things you do before school in the morning. Number these tasks in the order that you normally tackle them in the morning.

__________ Put on your shoes
__________ Grab your backpack
__________ Wake Up
__________ Brush your teeth
__________ Put on your socks

It’s hard to put on your shoes or brush your teeth while you’re still asleep. And you probably put on your socks BEFORE you put your shoes on too. Because some things just have to come first. In this passage, we find a big key to contentment. This passage isn’t talking about stuff, or popularity, or smarts or any of the things the world around you calls important.

When it comes to finding real contentment, you have to put GOD and the things that are important to Him first. Do what He wants you to do. Then you don’t have to worry about what you have or don’t have. It all belongs to Him anyway. Because God promises to provide everything you need.

LOOK for opportunities to put what God wants you to do FIRST this week.



Do you ever worry? About a spelling test. Or try outs for the team. Or a big dance recital. Maybe you worry about a family member or a friend. Maybe you worry about yourself. Does worry help? Does that worry have the ability to make things better? When you’re worried about something that MIGHT happen later on, you can’t focus on the fun you could be having right now.

That’s why Jesus said to stop that. Worry is really pointless. Because when you’re worried about tomorrow, you can’t be happy or content today. No matter what happens, even if you fail that test or you don’t make the team or you miss all your dance steps, tomorrow is still going to happen. Trouble might come. Or it might not. And no amount of worry can change the outcome.

Grab a piece of paper. List a couple of things that you might be worried about. Pray and ask God to guide you. When you’re done praying, wad up the paper and throw it away.

KNOW that God is control and you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.




Kim Gore