This week, we’re talking about stuff! If you stop and look around, you probably have a lot of stuff. You might even have stuff under a bed or in a closet that you haven’t touched or played with in a long time. We’re good at collecting stuff. We’re not so good at using it or giving it away to someone else when we don’t need it anymore.

The crazy thing is that even though you already have things, we always seem to want more. One trip to a friend’s house and suddenly you want a new pogo stick that you hadn’t even thought about before you went over there. That’s why it’s important to be on your guard and watch out! Because life is WAY more important than the stuff you get.

Use a dry erase marker to write the words of this verse in your own words on a bathroom mirror so that you see it every day this week.

THANK God for all He’s given you so that you can be content.



Have you ever been to a friend’s house and wanted something he had? Were you ever tempted to take it without asking? Have you ever walked into your older sister or brother’s room and played with their tablet or iPad without permission? What would happen to your relationship with that friend if you took something of theirs without asking? Do you think your brother or sister would find it easy to trust you with his or her stuff later on?

No way. Because wanting what other people have stirs up trouble. It can cause problems in your relationships and turn you into someone who can’t be trusted. And to top it all off, when you focus on what you don’t have, it can make your life miserable.

Grab a spoon from the kitchen that you would normally use during the week. Write the word "contentment" on a piece of tape and place it on the spoon. As you use this spoon this week, remember not to stir up conflict by focusing on always wanting more.

ASK God to help you be happy with what you have so you don’t stir up trouble.


READ EXODUS 20:3; 17

God gave the Israelites the 10 Commandments. These laws were very important to God. He wanted His people to know how to follow and obey Him.

In Exodus 20:3, God said, "Put me first." Other things will compete for your time and you’ll be tempted to forget God. But don’t! He wants first place in your life.

In Exodus 20:17, God said, "Do not want anything your neighbor owns." God knew that we would become jealous of others and want what they have–it’s called coveting. When we focus on what other people have, it can make us miserable. God wants us to find our happiness in Him, not in our stuff.

When it comes to contentment, don’t forget: Put God first. Don’t covet. Write these commandments down below:

___________________________                                           ___________________________
___________________________                                           ___________________________
___________________________                                           ___________________________
___________________________                                           ___________________________
___________________________                                           ___________________________

LOOK for way to obey these commandments so you can be content.



Do you remember what happened in our Bible story this week? King Ahab’s pride and jealousy over wanting Naboth’s vineyard led to an innocent man’s death. It was terrible. Instead of being happy to be king and having everything he needed, he wanted more.

If you’re always focused on what other people have, you’ll never be content with what you do have. Even if you get the thing you really want, eventually you’ll move on to something else. You’ll actually end up forgetting all about that thing you wanted to make you happy. To avoid this trap, decide to be happy with what you’ve got. Because when you focus on what other people have, it can make you miserable.

In the space below, write out a prayer to God asking Him to help you be content with what He’s given you instead of what other people have.



KNOW that you can be content when you focus on all that you DO have.


Kim Gore