FAITH - JUNE 18th/19th


READ ACTS 9:26-28

Paul wasn’t the most popular guy among the believers in the early church. In fact, they were downright scared of him. And they had reason to be afraid. Paul had worked tirelessly to arrest people simply for believing in Jesus. It’s easy to understand why they would be a little scared about welcoming him into their circle.

But there was one guy, Barnabas, who was willing to stick up for Paul. He knew that the story of Jesus had changed Paul once he’d learned the truth. And once they were willing to let him in, they realized just how much they could learn from Paul. Barnabas’ faith in Jesus changed the way he viewed Paul. Those early believers learned that when you become a follower of Jesus, you begin to see things the way Jesus does. That’s part of having faith. Because the story of Jesus changes how I see others.

After reading Acts 9:26-28, answer the questions below.

Why were the people in the church unsure about letting Paul into their circle?

What did Barnabas do in response to their fears about Paul?

What happened after they listened to Barnabas?

THANK God for helping you see others the way he does.



Do you ever judge someone too quickly? Maybe you decide a certain person is mean based on one conversation. Maybe you assume someone doesn’t have enough money because they don’t have a bike. Maybe you decide someone isn’t cool enough because they aren’t wearing the right clothes or they aren’t up to speed on the latest video game.

We all judge others unfairly. And sometimes, we miss an opportunity to build a friendship with someone because we haven’t given him a chance. That’s not how a believer in Jesus should live. Jesus paid the ultimate price for everyone. So instead of judging others, we should look to Jesus and ask Him to help us see the people around us the way He does.

When it comes to seeing others clearly, who should we look to first? Fill in the answer below.

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

ASK Jesus to help you look to him in faith so that you don’t judge others unfairly.



Sometimes, it’s hard to have faith. After all, we can’t see Jesus right in front of us. That’s why it’s important to read our Bibles and learn about all the things Jesus did while He was on the earth. He came to show us what God is like and to show us how to have faith in Him. Even though we cannot see Jesus, we can still LOVE Him. Though we cannot talk to Him face to face, we can still BELIEVE in Him. And when we choose to believe, we find JOY and SALVATION like nothing else this world has to offer.

Unscramble the words below to figure out what leads to faith!

______ Him         ____________ in Him      ______        ______________ = __________

E V L O                E E L I V B E                        Y O J           A L S A V T O I N     T I A F H

LOOK for ways to love and trust God this week.



To have faith simply means to trust in something. You trust in things all the time. You trust that your mom will wake you up in the morning. You trust that the pool will be open later on so you can swim with your friends. You even trust that the kitchen chair will hold you up while you eat your breakfast.

Faith is believing what Jesus did can change me. And there are lots of ways we can grow in our faith and trust in Him. We can read God’s word. We can talk to our parents and our Small Group about trusting Him. And we can always pray and ask God to help us have faith in Him.

Write the words of the verse, including the reference, on separate pieces of paper. Place them in verse order and say the verse aloud. Then turn over four words and see if you can say the verse aloud again. Repeat this process, turning over two more words each round, until all the cards are face down. Can you say the verse without looking?

KNOW that faith means you can trust in something you can’t see.



Kim Gore