FAITH - JUNE 25th/26th


READ JAMES 2:14-17

Have you ever heard someone brag about something they can do, but you never actually see them do it? Like maybe your friend down the street claims to be awesome at magic, but you’ve never even seen him do one magic trick. Or maybe a kid at camp claims to have caught a fish so big it almost sank his boat, but nobody else saw it. It’s hard to believe someone when you never see any real proof.

If we say we believe in Jesus, then our actions ought to line up with what we believe. After all, actions speak louder than words. Real faith is shown in the way we treat others. It shows up in the way we forgive and love and serve the people around us. God wants us to put our faith into practice by actually HELPING to make the world a better place. Because faith without action is dead.

Interview the grown ups you know. Ask them the following questions:

What does the phrase "actions speak louder than words" mean to you?

How do you "act out" your faith?

THANK God for the reminder that faith without action is dead.



Jesus gave His followers some pretty clear instructions on how they should treat others. He said it is more blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE. One is better. Giving. Serving. Helping. And no matter what is going on in our lives, whether good or bad, we can always, always help others. And when we choose to help, even when life is hard, it shows others what we believe.

Jesus said, "______ ______    ________      ___________       _______ ________
                       9 20     9 19      13 15 18 5     2 12 5 19 19 5 4      20 15    7 9 22 5

________ ________ ______________. " 
20 8 1 14   20  15      18 5 3 5 9 22 5

A – 1 B – 2 C – 3 D – 4 E – 5 F – 6 G – 7 H – 8 I – 9 J – 10 K – 11 L – 12 M – 13

N -14 O – 15 P – 16 Q – 17 R – 18 S – 19 T – 20 U – 21 V – 22 W – 23 X – 24 Y – 25 Z – 26

ASK God to help you give and serve to show others what you believe.



When was the last time you helped someone else? Maybe you helped with dinner for your family. Maybe you helped a friend with his homework. Maybe you cleaned up the toys so your sister didn’t have to do it all by herself. Being helpful is important. Jesus said that whenever anyone asks for something, you should give it. Your faith isn’t just about what you believe in your heart. It’s about how you LIVE it out in the world around you. It’s about how to treat others and put their needs first.

So here’s a little "faith challenge" for you. Just for tomorrow–for ONE day–when someone asks you to do something to help, your challenge is to say "yes." When it’s convenient and when it isn’t. When it’s easy and when it’s not. For one day. Are you up for the challenge?

LOOK for opportunities to say "yes" to others that need your help.



What an amazing story. The centurion had faith that Jesus could heal his servant. And how did Jesus respond to this man’s faith? Read verse 10 for a clue. Write down your answer here.


Jesus was amazed. Do you think Jesus would be amazed by your faith? Have you done anything lately to help someone else that would make Jesus notice and say, "Wow!"?

Think about your "yes" challenge from yesterday. Did you follow through? Write down how you helped someone in the space above.

KNOW that Jesus is amazed when we live out our faith by helping others.



Kim Gore