FAITH - JULY 23rd/24th



Talk a walk outside. Do you feel a breeze? Can you see the wind? Nope. Does that mean it doesn’t exist. Nope. You know wind exists. You can see it pick up the leaves, and pull a kite across the sky, and blow the hair off your face. You don’t have to see the wind to know it’s there.

Faith works the same way. You don’t have to see God to know He’s real. Because you can see the evidence of God all around you. You can see it in His creation. You can read about it in His word. You can experience His love when you pray and worship him.

If you ever start to wonder where God is when bad things happen, just remember the wind. You are not alone when you face difficult situations. God is with you, always. Believing isn’t about seeing. It’s about faith. Because the story of Jesus changes how I see my problems.

THANK God for being with you always, even when you face the hard stuff.



No one signs up for suffering. If given a choice between skipping through life without any tears or pain or facing the hard stuff head on, we would all choose to skip it. And none of us would face the hard stuff with joy. But that’s exactly what Paul (who wrote this letter to the Romans) was saying.

How can you be full of JOY when you suffer? It’s not easy, but it IS possible. See, there is someone who has faced the most suffering ever—Jesus. And it wasn’t because of anything He had done. It was because of our wrong choices. He knows when we face hard times that it makes us stronger. It helps us trust in Him even more. Because the story of Jesus changes how I see my problems.

Draw a thick outline of a cross in the center of a piece of paper—but don’t color it in. Inside the cross write down some situations that you’re facing right now or that you’ve faced in the past that have been hard. Take a look at your cross as you pray.

ASK God to help you trust in Him as you face the hard times.



Grab your cross from yesterday and read some of the things you wrote down. Are you in the middle of a really difficult situation? Maybe your parent just lost their job. Maybe you just moved to a new school and it’s been hard to make new friends. Maybe you didn’t make the team and you are sad. We all face troubles that make us wonder if God really cares about us and if He’s really with us.

Believe it or not, these current troubles will pass. One day you may have a completely different list in front of you. But as this verse reminds us, our troubles are small. They only last for a short time. Because when you trust Jesus as your Savior, you have heaven ahead of you. One day, there will be no more pain or sadness or any of the stuff on your paper. Because of the cross, we can trust that everything is ultimately going to be okay.

Find a crayon or marker and color over the words your wrote down. Completely cover them up so that you cannot read them.

LOOK for ways to trust His word that these troubles are really small.



The people in the Bible who followed God knew that a rescuer would come. But they weren’t expecting Jesus. What they assumed was that this rescuer would come as a mighty warrior ready for battle or as a powerful force that would somehow overthrow the Roman government once and for all.

But Jesus didn’t come to do battle with Rome. He came to do battle over our hearts. Jesus came to save people from themselves—from their own wrong choices and disobedience. When we believe in Jesus and His death and resurrection, we are made right with God. Our sin no longer separates us from Him.

We don’t have to be afraid when trouble comes. When we trust in Jesus, nothing can separate us from Him. Grab two pieces of paper and see if you can tear them in two. Could you do it? Easy, right? Now grab your Bible. Can you rip it in half? No way! It’s too strong! God’s love is stronger and bigger and more powerful than anything! And when you trust in Him, you don’t have to be troubled.

KNOW that God is with you, even when troubles come.




Kim Gore