FAITH - JULY 2nd/3rd



How do you become a believer in Jesus? By being a good person? By going to church? By reading your Bible everyday? Read this verse again and you’ll see two answers. One is by believing in your heart. That means that you understand Jesus died to pay the price for your sins and was raised on the third day so that you could have eternal life. And two, you ‘say with your mouth’ that you believe. Anyone can come to know Jesus as Savior because the story of Jesus is for everybody. ANYONE who believes with his heart and then says with his mouth will be saved. That’s it.

So, what do you believe? Have you made a choice to trust Jesus as Savior and told Him so? Read this verse with a grown up you trust and talk about how to become a believer in Jesus.

THANK God for sending Jesus for everyone.



Think about someone at school that you have a hard time getting along with. Is there a mean girl that says hurtful things about you? Is there a bully who makes things hard for everyone? Is there a kid in your class that you’ve tried to be nice to, but isn’t nice back?

Guess what? All of the people you thought about—Jesus died for them too. That’s how we can know that He loves us. In fact, while they were still bullying and being mean, Jesus loved them. He paid the price for their sin too. Because the story of Jesus is for everybody. It’s for your best friends and your sister or brother. It’s for the mean girl and the bully. God wants everyone to know and follow Him.

Write a letter to someone that doesn’t know Jesus. Tell him or her what Jesus has done and why it’s important to you. You don’t have to give it to them. Just pray that God would use you to show them His love.

ASK God to help you show this person how much God loves them.


READ 1 JOHN 4:14

What if you’d been there the last week of Jesus’ life on earth? What if you’d stood beside the cross? Or seen the empty tomb? Or listened to Jesus give His last words to His followers before He went into heaven? It would be hard to deny the truth of what Jesus had done if you had been an eyewitness.

But we weren’t there. We didn’t see it with our own eyes. That’s where faith comes in. We can’t go back in time, but we can read the words of people who did see Jesus in our Bibles. We can tell others about the change God has made in our own hearts. And we can show His love to others by the way we treat them. Because the story of Jesus is for everyone.

Fill in the blanks of the verse with the correct vowels below.

"T h ___ F___ t h ___ r h ___ s s ___ n t h ___ s S___ n t ___ b ___ t h ___

S ___ v ___ ___ r ___ f t h ___ w ___ r l d. W ___ h ___ v ___ s ___ ___ n ___ t

___ n d ___ r ___ w ___ t n ___ s s ___ s t ___ ___ t." 1 J ___ h n 4:14, NIrV

LOOK for ways to trust God and His word even when you can’t see Him this week.



Some leaders in the early church didn’t think that everyone could come to faith. Peter spoke up and told the group that Jesus’ death and resurrection wasn’t just for some but for ALL. Isn’t that good news? We don’t have to be "good" enough. We don’t have to have money, or fame or popularity. We don’t have to be born in a certain family or speak a certain language. Because the story of Jesus is for everybody.

Grab a piece of paper and draw as many people on the page as you can. These can be simple stick figures or just faces. Write the words of today’s verse along the bottom of the page. Tomorrow, as you go about your day, remember that Jesus came for every single person you pass.

KNOW that all who believe in Jesus will live forever.


Kim Gore