FAITH - JULY 30th/31st



Do you use the word "love" a lot? Maybe you LOVE chocolate ice cream. Or you LOVE a new bike. Or maybe you LOVE your family or your new puppy. Love is a good thing because love comes from God. He created it. In fact, the Bible says He IS love. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

But guess what? This verse tells us that God loves YOU. He made you. He gave you unique gifts and abilities. There is no one else in all the world exactly like you. And His love never ends. It’s bigger and wider and longer and higher and deeper than we could ever imagine. It’s so big that we can’t know it completely. When you decide to trust in Jesus, you have access to a never ending, never stopping, never fading or faltering, perfect love.

Draw the outline of a heart on a piece of paper. Set a timer for one minute and write down all the things you love inside the heart. Underneath the heart write these words, "I know how to love because God loved me first."

THANK God for loving you perfectly.



Head outside and find a tree. At the top of your lungs, face the tree and yell, "MOVE!" Did you do it? Did it move? Is the whole block looking at you like you’re crazy?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to say "move" to a tree and watch it pick up it’s r oots and take a walk. That would be sweet! Well, the truth is, you really can’t do that. But God can. Nothing is impossible for Him. And guess what? When you put your faith in Him, you have access to that same power too.

God’s power raised Jesus from the dead. He paid the price for your sin so that you could have a relationship with Him. He created the WHOLE world and everything in it simply by speaking. God can do anything. And when you trust Jesus as your Savior and choose to follow Him, He can do anything through YOU too.

ASK God to help you believe in His power through your faith in Jesus.



Have you ever played a team sport like soccer or basketball? To be successful on the field or the court, you have to work together. Each player has to understand his or her position and how it fits with everyone else. If you can’t work together as a team, then you’ll probably lose the game.

In life, God has given us the same opportunity. He has created each one of us with unique gifts and abilities. And when we use our gifts along with others, we can make a BIG difference. Our faith will grow even more when we choose to work together with others.

Head outside with your soccer or basketball and start a game with your friends. As you play, think about how you can work together with other believers to make a big difference in the world around you.

LOOK for ways to work together with other believers this week.



Did you know that when God made you, He already knew what you would do? Read the last part of this verse again. He prepared these good works for you in advance. Isn’t that awesome? God has a special plan just for your life. And when you decide to follow Jesus, He will show you that plan. As your faith grows, you’ll begin to see how God has uniquely made you to make a difference.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a thick line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side, write the talents and abilities that God has given you. On the other side of the page, write down how you could use that gift or talent to honor God.

KNOW that God will use your gifts and abilities to lead others to faith in Him.




Kim Gore