FAITH - JULY 9th/10th



Have you ever read The Little Engine That Could? In the story, the little blue engine isn’t so sure she can pull the big load over the mountain. After all, she’s never pulled a load that big before. But instead of giving up or refusing to try, she repeats the phrase "I think I can" over and over again until she pulls that load all the way over the mountain.

Did you know that following God can sometimes make you feel like that little blue engine? It’s hard to be kind to others when they’re unkind to you. It’s hard to be patient when you just want your own way. It’s hard to be honest when it seems easier to tell a lie. But it IS possible to follow God when you trust in Jesus. When you mess up, you can be forgiven. And with His help, you can make a different choice the next time.

Find a copy and read The Little Engine That Could with a grown up.

THANK God for sending Jesus so that you could be forgiven and follow Him.



What did Jesus come to do? Read this verse and answer below.



Jesus came to look for the lost. Who are the lost? Anyone who did not know that He was God’s Son. And how would He save them? By dying on the cross for their sins and being raised to life. That’s why He left heaven and came to earth. His job was to find and save the lost. He is the single most important figure in all of history and His story is bigger than any other story.

Why? Because He did what no one else in history has ever done. He took the punishment for our sin. He rose again. He didn’t have to. He chose to. Because He loves you and me that much.

ASK God to help you understand the story of Jesus.



Grab a resealable gallon sized bag, a straw, tape and a heavy book. Seal the bag and lay it flat on the counter. Grab the straw and carefully poke a hole in the side of the bag, leaving half of the straw inside. Tape around the straw where it meets the bag. Place the book on top of the bag. Blow carefully through the straw. Was it powerful enough to raise the book?

At the beginning, it probably didn’t seem like the bag was powerful enough to lift that book, but it was! Read today’s verse again. What does the story of Jesus have the power to do? To change you! To SAVE you. Isn’t that amazing? It might not seem like the story of Jesus has the power to change someone but it does! His story is for everyone! That power is the only way to go to heaven. That’s why the story of Jesus is bigger and more powerful than any other story ever.

LOOK for opportunities to share the story of Jesus and His power this week.



Have you ever seen a brave rescue on TV or in real life? When someone is rescued, how do you think they feel about their rescuer? Grateful, right? Could the person in trouble rescue himself? No way, he needed that life guard or police officer or firefighter to help.

The same is true for us. We need a rescuer too and His name is Jesus. See our sin, the choices we make that go against God’s word, separate us from God. And we would stay separated from Him, but because God loves us, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to rescue us. What a HUGE gift. That’s what grace is all about. You cannot do anything to save yourself. It cannot come from anything you do. It is God’s gift through faith in Him.

Complete the verse below by writing YOUR name in the blanks and read the verse aloud.

God’s grace has saved ______________________ because of _____________’s faith in Christ. _______________’s salvation doesn’t come from anything _______________ does. It is a gift from God. Ephesians 2:8

KNOWthat God sent Jesus to rescue you.



Kim Gore