FAITH - JUNE 4th/5th



Mary and Joseph were expecting a baby. But not just any baby–a Savior! Right before Jesus was born they had to travel to Bethlehem, but when they arrived, there was no place to stay but where they kept the animals. So Jesus was born, right there among the animals, with a feed trough for a bed. What a crazy way to enter the world. Jesus came to earth in the most unlikely, humble way. And the story of His life on earth would change everything. It even has the power to change you. That’s faith: believing what Jesus did can change me.

This week, we’ll take a look at some of the major events that happened during Jesus’ life on earth. Create a book to help you remember each of these big events. Grab four pieces of paper and fold in half. Use a stapler or string to fasten the book together at the fold. Create a cover that reads "The Story of Jesus." Open to the first page and draw your own picture of Jesus in the manger. Then write today’s verses along the bottom of the page.

THANK God for sending Jesus to earth as a tiny baby to change everything.



Jesus was once a kid like you. He grew up just like you’re growing up. He spent time learning new things … you guessed it, just like you’re learning new things. He became wiser as He learned. He became stronger as He grew physically which means He probably had to eat His veggies just like you. He grew closer to God just like you’re doing by spending time reading God’s word. And He grew closer in His relationships with others by getting along with His siblings and friends, just like you. Jesus didn’t skip ahead past His childhood, which means that He knows what it’s like to be a kid just like you.

Turn to the next page in your book and draw a picture of what Jesus might have looked like as a young boy. You can choose any scene you like–maybe He’s working in His father’s carpenter shop or playing outside with His brother. Then, write out today’s verse along the bottom of the page.

ASK God to help you remember that Jesus was once a kid, just like you.



When Jesus turned thirty, His ministry on earth began. He gathered a group of twelve men, called them disciples, to travel with Him and help Him with His ministry. Jesus spent time teaching others about God. He healed the sick, even bringing some back from the dead. Jesus did things that no one on earth has or ever will be able to do. The people around Him knew there was something special about Him and they listened to what He had to say. Many of them chose to follow Him, even when they weren’t sure where He would lead them. His teaching and the things that He had to say about how we should live, changed the hearts of the people who listened.

Open your book to the next page. Draw a picture of Jesus teaching a large crowd. You can draw as much or as little detail as you’d like. Write out today’s verse at the bottom of the page.

LISTEN to the words of Jesus and let His teaching change you.



When Jesus was arrested, wrongly accused, and crucified on the cross, His followers were so sad. They thought it was over. All those years of following Him, all those miracles they witnessed, and now He was dead. But something AMAZING happened. Three days later, the tomb was empty. Jesus wasn’t dead anymore, which means new life, not just for Jesus but for everyone who believes in Him by faith. Because the story of Jesus changes everything.

Turn to the last page of your book and draw Mary and the angel at the entrance to an empty tomb. Don’t forget to include the big stone, rolled off the side. At the bottom of the page, write out today’s verses.

KNOW that Jesus’ death and resurrection have the power to change everything.



Kim Gore