When it’s pouring down rain outside, what do you need? An umbrella! An umbrella will keep you protected from getting soaked. This month we’re talking about obedience. Obedience is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do. So what does an umbrella have to do with obedience, you ask?

When you choose to listen and obey the people that are in charge, it’s like standing under an umbrella in the rain. When you obey, you’re protected. But what happens when you step out from under that authority or umbrella? You get soaked, right? Obedience is a big deal. God is asking us to put ourselves under His authority and under the authority of the people who take care of us because they keep watch over you. Step outside of that "umbrella" and you won’t be protected.

Grab an umbrella. Write the words of this verse on cards and tape them around the edge of the umbrella. Keep it in your room this week as a reminder to obey those who are over you.

THANK God for placing people in authority over you so you can be protected from harm.



Has your mind ever started wandering when a grown up was talking to you? You knew you were supposed to be listening, but instead your mind and attention was somewhere else. You were thinking about the dream you had last night or the yummy lunch you packed or the itchy tag on your shirt that’s scratching your neck. Suddenly, your mom calls your name. Is she asking you a question? Uh oh. You weren’t paying attention. It’s hard to obey when you have no idea what you’ve been asked to do.

We all lose focus sometimes. It’s just life. But God is asking us to follow Him in obedience. That means we have to pay attention to His word so we can know what He’s asking us to do. This verse promises that you will succeed and live the best life—the life that God wants you to live—when you pay attention and obey Him.

Draw a picture of your latest daydream. Ask God to help you pay attention to His words so you aren’t caught daydreaming when you should be listening and following and trusting.

ASK God to help you pay attention and follow Him.



Have ever used a map or GPS to get from one place to another? The map’s job is to tell you how to get where you’re going. If you ignore it, you’ll either end up lost or take WAY too long to get there!

The same is true when it comes to obedience. When we choose to listen to those who are over us, it’s like following the right path. And guess what? The people who are in authority over you are a little bit further down the path of life than you are. They can help you get where you want to go, but you have to LISTEN to what they have to say and follow them in obedience. Even if you think your way is better.

Take a minute to interview a grown up and ask the following questions:

1. Can you tell me about a time when your mom or dad gave you an instruction and you didn’t follow it in obedience? What happened?

2. What is one thing you ask me to do that I have a hard time with? Why do you think it might be hard for me to obey?

LISTEN to the people who are in authority over you, even when you think your way is better.



Why should you obey your parents? Because they know a little bit more about life than you do. They’re older and have more life experience. Sometimes, they’ve made mistakes that they want you to avoid. And sometimes, they just need you to listen and follow because they know their rules will protect you.

When you choose to do what your mom or dad is asking of you, you show them that you love them. Obedience means you trust that what they’re asking is actually GOOD for you. The same is true when we obey God. When we follow His word, we prove that we trust Him. Obedience is a big way to say, "I love you, God!"

Grab a piece of paper. Draw a large heart in the center of the page. Write the words of this verse around the edge of the heart, including the reference. Then write the word "OBEDIENCE" in large block letters in the center. Put this heart and verse somewhere to remind you that obedience is a way to show God that you trust Him.

KNOW that when you obey, you show God just how much you love Him.



Kim Gore