Sometimes, when we see others making unwise choices, we are tempted to do the same thing. But this verse reminds us that we shouldn’t live the way the world lives. It’s always easier to simply follow the crowd. But sometimes the crowd is wrong. Sometimes the choices that others make go against what God would want for you. When that happens, you can stand up for what is right and be obedient to what God is asking of you. You need to trust and obey, even when others don’t. Remember, God is always with you. He is on your side and ready to help, even when it seems like you’re the only one doing the right thing.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions: Was there a time this week when the people around you weren’t obeying or listening to those in authority? What happened? If you could rewind and go back to that situation, would you do anything differently?

THANK God for reminding you to trust and obey, even when others don’t.



Every one and everything is under God’s control, even the people who lead you. God has put people in authority over you to protect you. When you obey those who are over you, you are also obeying God. That means that when your teammates are goofing off instead of listening to the coach, you should make a different choice. When your teacher gives an instruction that your classmates ignore, you should follow the teacher. You should trust and obey those who are over you, even when others don’t.

Did you know that your mom and dad are under authority? It’s true. Next time you’re riding in the car together, ask your mom or dad to name some people who are in authority over them. How do they obey those who are over them? Read this verse together and talk about how those who are in authority over your parents were chosen by God too.

ASK God to help you recognize that the people over you are also under His authority too.



Do you like to play "hide and go seek"? What is the goal of the game? To stay hidden or make it to the "base" before you get tagged, right? Base is a safe place. You can’t get tagged or taken out of the game if you make it to the base first.

We’ve been learning that obedience is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to. Do you know why you should obey God? Because He is your safe place. God can ALWAYS be trusted. He is a perfect, loving and holy God. Even when others let you down, God never will. He has an amazing plan for your life and He loves you more than anyone or anything.

The next time you play "Hide and Seek" think about how God can be trusted because He is your safe place. You can trust and obey Him even when other’s don’t.

LOOK for opportunities to trust and obey God this week.



When God told Noah to build a big boat, it was a BIG job. In fact, it took Noah years to complete. If you’d been living back then knowing what you know now, would you have wanted to be Noah—the guy who trusted and obeyed and survived the terrible flood. ABSOLUTELY!

Noah had a history of obeying and trusting God. Noah was the ONE guy who continued to listen to God when everyone else had turned their backs on Him. And while God probably won’t ask you to build a boat three stories tall, He does want you to obey Him. And when you do, God can use you to do incredible things!

Pretend you’re Noah and you need some extra hands on deck to help you take care of the animals during the flood. Write a short "Help Wanted" ad for the newspaper like the one below.

Help Wanted

Must love animals and boats

Okay with weird smells and shoveling manure

Email Noah at weneedabiggerboat@ark.com

KNOW that God loves it when you choose to obey Him.



Kim Gore