Read Isaiah 43:2

Trust is putting your confi dence in someone you can depend on. You trust and depend on people everyday.

You trust that your mom will wake you up for school. You trust that the bus driver will show up at your stop to get you to school on time. And you trust that your teacher will give that spelling test on Friday just like always. In all of these examples, trust is pretty easy.

But it isn’t so easy to put your trust in someone that lets you down. Think about Joseph. His brothers threw him in a well and then sold him to some traveling salesman. Do you think he felt alone? Scared? But guess what? There is someone who is 100 percent trustworthy all the time. And as this verse reminds us, He is with us always. God never left Joseph and He will never leave you. When you think you’re alone, you can trust that God is with you.

Thank God for being completely trustworthy all the time.


Read Psalm 56:3

Think about this past week. Was there a time when you were afraid? It doesn’t have to be like: “scary movie, big spider by my bed, weird noise after lights out” kind of scared. It could be like: “I think I might miss this shot or lose a friend or fail a test” kind of scared. Write down a time you were afraid this week in the space below: _______________________________________________________________________________

Everyone gets scared—even your older cousin and your cool soccer coach. When we’re afraid, we need to put our trust in God. Because even if the thing we’re afraid will happen does happen, God can use it for good when we trust Him. Don’t believe that? Just wait until you hear the rest of Joseph’s story.

This is a good verse to memorize and have in the back of your mind when you are fearful. Take a minute to repeat this verse ten times. Then repeat it to you mom or dad or dog or whoever from memory.

Ask God to help you trust Him when you are afraid.


Read Daniel 6:23

When the King passed a law that people could only pray to him, Daniel stood his ground. He continued to pray to the One True God. But the punishment for disobeying that crazy law was to be thrown in the lion’s den. Daniel spent the WHOLE night locked up with a bunch of teeth gnashing, hungry lions.

The next morning, when the king went to check on Daniel, he was amazed and relieved to fi nd him still alive!

God had protected Daniel. The lions didn’t touch him! Daniel was saved “because he had trusted in his God.”

God never breaks a promise. His words are true. You can put your trust in and depend on Him. Always.

Answer the following questions below about lions. If you need help, ask a grown up to help you fi nd the answers online.

1. Lions live in groups of 10 to 15 called __________.

2. A baby lion is called a ____________.

3. Female lions do almost all of the ______________ while male lions patrol and protect the pride.

Listen to God’s promises in the Bible and trust that He is always with you.


Read Psalm 121:3-4

Have you ever tripped and fallen on the sidewalk? Did you scrape your knee? Did you have to get stitches?

Falling is NO fun, especially when you get hurt. Did you see the fi rst part of today’s verse that says, “He won’t let your foot slip?” Trusting in God doesn’t mean that you’ll never trip and fall again. But He will help to guide you to make good decisions and to follow His plan for your life. Remember, God knows everything about you. He knows what will happen to you tomorrow, next week and even a year from now. God will lead you in the right direction because His plan for you is the best plan.

Grab a piece of paper. Take off your shoes and socks. Put your foot on the paper and trace around it with a pencil. Write the words of this verse around the edge of your foot. Then decorate your foot any way you choose. Place your “footprint verse” someplace in your home where everyone can see it. If someone asks you, be prepared to tell them what this verse means to you.

Know that God won’t let your foot slip as you trust in Him.




Kim Gore