Read 2 Corinthians 4:7-8

Grab a lump of Play-doh®. Now shape it into a small bowl. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Take a look at your bowl. In order to shape that Play-doh into something useful, you had to apply some pressure. Just imagine your life as that lump of Play-doh®. God is shaping you into the person He can use to do mighty things for Him. Even if no one else is doing the right thing, God wants you to make the wise choice. And sometimes those choices might feel like you’re being pushed from all sides. It takes courage to try new things, to lead, to make wise choices and even to treat others the way you want to be treated. But in the end, when you are courageous, God can use you to do some pretty amazing things.

THANK God for shaping you into a kid of courage.


Read 2 Corinthians 4:9 DAY 2

Have you ever worked hard on a block tower only to have someone knock it down? It’s pretty frustrating when something you’ve made gets destroyed.

Courage can sometimes be like that block tower. Sometimes, when you do the right thing, other people make fun of you. Or they talk about you to other people. Or they decide not to include you. When that happens you can feel a little bit like that broken block tower.

But God is with you when you choose courage. You might be knocked down, but you’re not knocked out. You’re not out of the game. Just like you can rebuild that block tower into something even bigger, God can help you get back up and keep showing courage.

Grab some masking tape and 21 blocks or Legos. Write the words of this verse on individual pieces of tape and stick each word on a block. Don’t forget to include the scripture reference (2 Corinthians 4:9) at the end. Stack the blocks in verse order and say it aloud. Then knock it over or break it apart and repeat the activity again.

ASK God to help you get back up when you get knocked down!


Read 1 Corinthians 16:13

Have you ever tried to do something that seemed impossible? Maybe you’re scared to try that back walkover in gymnastics because you could fall on your head. Maybe you have your fi rst piano recital or dance competition and you’re scared to walk on that stage by yourself. Or maybe coach put you in as catcher and you’re scared to see that ball whizzing toward you.

Sometimes you just have to repeat a verse like this one when you’re scared because God is with you. He will help you have the courage you need, even when something seems impossible! You might not catch every pitch or nail that back walkover the fi rst few times. But you have to keep trying. You have to keep going because God is with you. In gymnastics, on the ball fi eld, in the classroom, and with your friends you can have courage to do what you should do, even when it seems impossible!

Today’s verse is written below without any spaces! Place some hash marks between the words and read it aloud.


LOOK for ways to be brave and trust that God is with you when things seem impossible.


Read 1 Chronicles 28:20

Have you wanted to do something really big? Like maybe you want to run a lemonade stand and give the money to someone in need. Or maybe you want to collect food for the local food bank. Or start a kindness campaign at school to teach everyone to care for each other.

Solomon knew a little something about completing an impossible task. Completing the temple was a BIG job. But his father, King David, gave him some really good advice. When you face what seems like an impossible task, the best way to tackle it is to get to work! Just start. Trust God to give you the courage. And before you know it, a lemonade stand, a food drive, a TEMPLE, an impossible task that you were afraid to start will get finished!

 Find some sticky notes or small pieces of paper and tape. Write the words “Get to work” on each sticky note/piece of paper. Walk around your house and tape these reminders around your house in places where you and your family will see them.

KNOW that God will help you have courage when you choose to “Get to work!”



Kim Gore