This verse is definitely one worth memorizing because it reminds us that we are not in control. We don’t have to have everything figured out. We just need to trust in the One that already holds tomorrow. Our own understanding is really limited. But God knows and sees all. We can trust and obey Him. And when we do, He promises to show us where He wants us to go.

Write the phrases of this verse on separate pieces of paper. Lay them out in a hopscotch pattern. Grab a small rock from outside and play hopscotch. Toss the rock on the hopscotch grid and wherever it lands, turn that card over. Jump across the grid as you say the verse, including the hidden phrase. Repeat until all the cards are face down and you can say the verse from memory.

THANK God for making your paths smooth and straight when you obey His word.  



According to this verse:

When should you read God's word? _____________________________________________________________________________


Which parts of the Bible should you obey?


When you obey God's word, what will happen?


It’s hard to obey when you don’t know the rules or what’s expected of you. But God hasn’t left us in the dark when it comes to following Him. He’s given us His word, the Bible as our ultimate guide to life. When you read God’s word and apply it to your life, things will "go well for you and you will have great success." That doesn’t always mean you’ll be rich and famous. It simply means that when you trust God and follow Him in obedience, your life will be filled with the kind of blessings only He can provide—like peace, joy, contentment and happiness.

Spend time reading God’s word like you’re doing right now and talking to Him and others about what you’re learning. And keep obeying so that you can live the life that God has planned just for you.

ASK God to help you spend time reading His word so you will know how to follow Him.



Someone in your family might say, "I love you!" every morning, but they probably show you they love you, too. They also might cook for you, get you where you need to go, help you with your jump shot, and throw your clothes in the hamper when you forget. That’s love! Because real love is shown with words and action.

The same is true when it comes to our relationship with God. It’s not enough just to say we love Him. We show Him our love by following His word. We show our love by making wise choices, treating others the way we want to treated and by trusting Him no matter what. We love the Lord with all our hearts when we choose to obey and trust that He has a bigger plan. Fill in the vowels to complete the verse below.

L __ v __ th__ L __rd y __ __r G __ d w __ th __ ll y __ __r h __ __ rt __ nd w __th __ll y __ _ r

s __ __l. L __ v __ h __ m w __ th __ll y __ __r m __ nd __nd w __th __ll y __ __ r str __ ngth.

M __rk 12:30

LOOK for ways to show God you love Him by obeying his commands.


READ PSALM 119:1-5

You’re about to head to the pool when your mom insists that you put on sunscreen. You HATE putting it on, but you obey and cover yourself with the slimy stuff and head to the pool. Now rewind that scenario. What if you’d said "no" to the sunscreen? You’d probably end up with a pretty painful sunburn, right?

Knowing how things will turn out makes obedience a whole lot easier, doesn’t it? But here’s the truth: We can’t see the future. But guess what? God does. He knows everything about all of your tomorrows. And when you obey Him and follow His word, you show that you trust His plans for you. That’s why you should trust and obey, because there’s a bigger plan.

Take the words of this verse and create a song or rap to help you remember them. You might choose a familiar tune like "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "Happy Birthday" or come up with something completely original. Have fun!

KNOW that God’s ways are always best and that He has a plan!




Kim Gore